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Zarantha Calderon

Zarantha Calderon
Character Profile
Affiliation House Calderon
Position Protector
Profession Noble
Children Thomas Calderon

Zarantha Calderon was the Protector of the Taurian Concordat until 3017.


All that is confirmed known about Zarantha Calderon is that in 3017 her son Thomas Calderon succeeded her as Protector of the Taurian Concordat.[1] She is briefly mentioned as supporting the Far-Lookers movement with hefty tax breaks as far back as 2990.[2]

As Thomas’ predecessor, Zarantha, had expanded Taurian holdings through colonization efforts, financed by a public-private partnership between the Concordat government and the Far-Lookers. This influential sect used the tax breaks and subsidies to explore and settle several planets rimward of the Inner Sphere, between 2990 and 3020. Some of these colonies failed to grow, but a few more succeeded to give the Taurian economy a boost of new resources. The larger benefits aided the industries involved in colonies; construction firms for high-tech space habitats in the Hyades Cluster, shipbuilders, zero-g construction firms, terraforming concerns and the companies involved in supplying the new colonists with everything they needed to sustain themselves throughout the early 3000s and 3010s. Intent on protecting their investments, factions of the Far-Lookers entered government at all levels throughout this era. Political winds could change along with the occupant of the throne, but space colonization took generations to nurture and take root. To secure these long term goals, the Far-Lookers sought to sustain their projects beyond Zarantha Calderon's rule.[3]


  • Some few inferences can be made about Zarantha. Thomas was 33 years old when he succeeded his mother; she would have had to be old enough to bear children for his birth to occur, giving us a rough estimate of her birth, somewhere around 2964 or earlier. She could not be Ignatius Calderon's child as he was Protector in the late 2800s. Also from the text given above from the Handbook: Major Periphery States, there are dates that might be Zaranatha's term as Protector. Concurrent information from The Periphery (1988) regarding the Far-Lookers movement gives similar dates (2990 and 3017) as the years of inception for that movement, but does not directly name Zarantha. Because of the information about Brenda Calderon in Field Manual: Periphery indicates Brenda was distant kin to Thomas Calderon, not a sister, it is probable that Zarantha had at least uncles and/or aunts. Thomas is also listed as Zarantha's eldest son, implying she had another son but there is no other mention of any brother to Thomas in any of the referenced sources and specifically no mention of it in Handbook: Major Periphery States during the succession crisis after Jeffrey Calderon's death.


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