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Zephyr (combat vehicle)

This article is about the hovertank class. For other uses, see Zephyr (disambiguation).
Production information
Manufacturer Grumman Industries
Production Year 2621[1]
Mission Dragoon / Cavalry
Type Hover
Technical specifications
Mass 40
Armor Grumman CRT Ferro-Fibrous
Engine GM 185 fusion engine
Speed 146 km/h
Crew 3
Communications System Systems X
Targeting Tracking System Bundesweyth Target Acquisition Gear
Heat Sinks 10 single

3 x medium lasers
1 x SRM-6
1 x small laser

BV (1.0) 640[2]
BV (2.0) 904[3][4]


Designed in 2620 to be a medium-duty, fast response, infantry support tank, the SLDF instead saw the Zephyr as the perfect support vehicle for its Chaparral Arrow IV artillery tank.[3][5][6]

When the SLDF's Quartermaster Command was considering accepting the Zephyr for service, the SLDF vehicle corps was looking for a ground-based design that could carry the successful Guardian ECM suite to assist in setting ambushes for the Chaparral, with the SLDF ordering Grumman to add the system to its tank. Powered by a GM 185 fusion engine and clad in seven tons of a Grumman CRT ferro-fibrous armor, the Zephyr boasts above average armor and speed for its weight and support role.[3][5][6]

Grumman restarted production of the design after the unveiling of ComStar's Com Guards and, after the Word of Blake took control of Terra (3062), Grumman received a large infusion of capital to develop a revamped C3i version. Further funding also resulted in Grumman expanding production via a new plant opened on New Earth in 3066, to keep up with increasing demand from the Word of Blake's Militia and Protectorate forces.[3][5][6]

Weapons and Equipment[edit]

Not intended for front-line combat, the primary weapons of the Zephyr are a trio of Sorenstein IV medium lasers mounted alongside the Alloran target acquisition gear in the turret. Supporting firepower comes from a Shannon SRM-6 rack mounted in the vehicle's nose supplied with two tons of reloads and a single rear-mounted Harmon small laser to provide cover when fleeing combat. The Clan Invasion-era model utilized different brands (a Thor SRM-6, Bundesweyth TAG, and Bowie Electronics brand lasers) but otherwise carried identical weaponry to the Star League era models.[3][5][6]


  • Original 
    The original pre-Guardian Zephyr carried an extra half-ton of armor and an additional rear-facing SRM-2 with a ton of missile reloads.[5][6] BV (2.0) = 896[7]
  • C3i 
    The first of the Blakist commissioned variants downgrades the SRM-6 rack for a Streak SRM-2 launcher, freeing up weight for C3i computer.[3] BV (2.0) = 820[8]
  • LRM 
    A less common variant among the Blakists' Protectorate forces, it drops all the standard equipment and weapons in exchange for a C3i system, a pair of turret-mounted ER medium lasers and two nose-mounted LRM racks. Its nickname "Pug" stems from the blockier appearance born of these missile launchers. BV (2.0) = 867[9]
  • Zephyr EC 
    Developed by Clan Blood Spirit in the Golden Century, this version of the Zephyr used an Improved SRM-6, two prototype ER medium lasers and ferro-fibrous armor. (Note: EC is an abbreviation used by historians to designate "Early Clan" designs.)[13] BV (2.0) = 967[14]
  • Omni-Drone Alternate Configuration A 
    The turret on this configuration mimics the standard Zephyr weapons loadout, carrying a TAG and three medium lasers. BV (2.0) = 686[16]
  • Omni-Drone Alternate Configuration B 
    More of a recon unit, this configuration mounts a Bloodhound active probe and ER flamer in the turret. It feeds information back to friendly forces by using a body-mounted C3 slave. BV (2.0) = 509[17]
  • Omni-Drone Alternate Configuration C 
    A close combat version, this configuration carries four M-Pods in the turret. BV (2.0) = 478[18]



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