Zeta Battalion

Zeta Battalion
Zeta Battalion
Affiliation Mercenary
Parent Command Wolf's Dragoons

Zeta Battalion was an elite Assault battalion and part of the Wolf's Dragoons mercenary command.


Emblem of Wolf's Dragoons

Zeta Battalion has long served as Wolf's Dragoons troubleshooter unit. Comprised almost entirely of Assault BattleMechs and known for its reckless approach in combat, Zeta Battalion saw three commanding officers killed in combat in its first fourteen years of service. During the unit's first few decades, it included several 'Mechs that were, at that time, rare outside of Zeta and completely unknown outside of the Dragoons. These included the Imp, the Annihilator, the Shogun and the Marauder II,[1] the last of which was built by General Motors on New Valencia under an exclusive contract with the Dragoons.[2] Zeta is so feared in some quarters that their mere presence sometimes compels opponents to surrender.[3] Despite being only a Battalion in size, Zeta is such an asset to Jaime Wolf that Zeta's commanders hold the rank of Colonel.


In service to Davion[edit]

Zeta Battalion first appeared in the Inner Sphere along with the rest of Wolf's Dragoons in 3005, appearing in orbit over New Delos,[4] and soon signing on with the Federated Suns. They first saw action on the Capellan world of Halloran V, which was being used to raid Davion worlds by Marion's Highlanders and the Blackwind Lancers. Zeta accompanied Beta Regiment, Gamma Regiment, Delta Regiment as well as the Seventh Kommando special forces unit. Zeta Battalion led the surprise attack on the enemy's main base, driving both units back and securing a landing zone for the rest of the Dragoons. Zeta then supported Beta and Gamma Regiments against the Highlanders while Delta Regiment kept the Lancers in check. After several days of heavy fighting, both Liao units were forced to retreat with serious losses, leaving that world in the Suns' hands.[5] Zeta continued to serve in a number of minor actions throughout 3007.[6][7]

In 3008, Zeta accompanied nearly the entire Dragoon command, along with five AFFS Regimental Combat Teams assaulted New Aragon, facing eight House Liao regiments in one of the largest battles of the Third Succession War. Elements of the Northwind Highlanders, primarily the 1st and 2nd Kearny Highlanders, held an entrenched position in the Estacado Mountains, turning back multiple Dragoon assaults including a push by Zeta Battalion.[8] Zeta Battalion later led the push through El Diablo Pass, patrolled by light elements of the Waco Rangers. During the fighting, Lieutenant John Waco, son of the Rangers' Colonel Wayne Waco, was killed when he was accidentally crushed by a Dragoon Stalker after ejecting. Though a ComStar investigation cleared the Dragoons of any wrongdoing, Colonel Waco and his men were convinced the Dragoons intentionally murdered his son, swearing a blood-feud that would last for decades.[8][7] Zeta continued to fight with distinction, helping to force McCormack's Fusiliers, another Highlander regiment, into retreating from the planet. Outnumbered and with their defense compromised, the remaining Capellan forces were forced to concede the planet. Though battered, the Dragoons and their Davion allies had proved triumphant.[8]

In 3009, Zeta accompanied the rest of the Dragoons back to the Clan Homeworlds to report on the Inner Sphere, an operation that took ten months.[9]

In service to Liao / Marik Civil War[edit]

In mid-3010, the Dragoons signed on with the Capellan Confederation. Against the forces of the Free Worlds League, the Dragoons and Zeta soon gained a fearsome reputation. It was not without cost, however, as Colonel Frank Wells, commanding officer of Zeta Battalion, was killed in 3012, leading his troops in battle on Shiro III.[10]

In early 3014, Capellan Chancellor Maximilian Liao struck a deal with Duke Anton Marik, brother of Captain-General Janos Marik, to support Anton's bid for his brother's throne. As part of this agreement, Liao allowed the Dragoons to sign a contract with Anton Marik. On May 22, 3014, Duke Anton made his claim, triggering the Marik Civil War.[11] In September of that year, Zeta, along with Beta Regiment, the Seventh Kommando and the Special Recon Group, assaulted Nova Roma. All resistance fell within three days, and the 9th Marik Militia was forced to retreat.[12][13]

Not long after Zeta saw action on Emris IV, again fighting the 9th Militia as well as the 6th Marik Militia. They joined Dragoon and Rebel forces including Alpha Regiment, Beta Regiment, Gamma Regiment and the Fire Support Group, a well as heavy aerospace support from a Vengeance-class DropShip. Accompanied by Beta Regiment and with artillery support from the Fire Support Group, Zeta fought the 9th in some vicious fighting, pushing them back into the city. The Militia again escaped to fight another day.[14] Afterward, they relocated to Semenyih.[15]

In January 3015, Zeta, Beta Regiment, the Fire Support Group and the Black Widow Company were joined by the 6th and 8th Ducal Guard in an attack on Tiber. They captured the underdefended world along with its Earthwerks factory, but were immediately counterattacked by a Loyalist force including the 1st Regulan Hussars and the 1st, 5th, 6th and 8th Orloff Grenadiers. The Hussars landed first, and immediately took heavy losses from Zeta and the Fire Support Group. By the time the Orloff Grenadiers landed, the Hussars were down to a battalion in strength. Zeta then ambushed the 8th Grenadiers when they tried to reinforce the 5th's drive on the factories. Despite these successes, the Dragoons' Green Rebel allies could not hold against the 1st and 6th Orloff Grenadiers, and were slowly routed. With reinforcements unavailable, Zeta Battalion launched one last assault to put the Loyalists off-balance, securing an orderly retreat. The accompanying Ducal Guard units, however, were effectively destroyed.[16]

Despite their early successes, the conflict soon turned against the Rebels as the Loyalists rallied. When Duke Anton demanded that Wolf break up his forces to supplement Anton's troops, Wolf refused, citing their contract. In retaliation, Anton arrested Liaison Officer Joshua Wolf and 27 Dragoon dependents on New Delos, keeping them as hostages and demanding Wolf comply.[17][18] Instead, Wolf led his forces back to attack New Delos en masse. The Dragoons, including Zeta Battalion, fell upon Duke Anton's stronghold, despite the Duke's claims that Joshua Wolf and the other civilians had been executed. Zeta Battalion, understrength like most of the Dragoon units, were initially held in reserve along with Beta Regiment. Defending Duke Anton were surviving elements of the 18th Marik Militia and the 1st, 2nd and the 5th Ducal Guard. The Dragoons fought with unprecedented fury, the 1st Ducal Guard fleeing the planet quickly even as Alpha and Gamma Regiments fought their way to Anton's stronghold at Cienfuegos. The Dragoons were forced to fight their way through a narrow pass, allowing the defenders to hold them off for several days, as the forest at the rear of Anton's position was lit aflame with napalm charges to discourage attack from that direction. With Zeta joining the attackers at the front, Natasha Kerensky and her Black Widows braved the flames to take the fortress from behind, killing Anton in the process and effectively ending the war.[19][17]

In service to Marik[edit]

Unexpectedly, the Dragoons almost immediately signed with the victorious Janos Marik. Both the League and the Dragoons were tired from so much fighting, and needed time to recover. The next few months saw a relatively quiet period of raids and counterraids along the Lyran Commonwealth border. It was not an uneventful time for Zeta Battalion, however, as Colonel Mary Terrell was killed in action during a raid on Dixie in 3016. Simpson Pollock would take command of Zeta Battalion, continuing the reckless legacy of his predecessors.[20]

Planetary Flag of Hesperus II

In 3019, the Dragoons would begin the boldest campaign of their history : The capture of Hesperus II, home of Defiance Industries, the largest BattleTech factory in existence who had held out successfully against twelve major campaigns to take it, and the foundation for the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces. In a series of raids, the Dragoons made their way through Lyran space, keeping House Steiner off-guard with their seeming odd choice of targets. Zeta was critical during this campaign, leading several of the attacks. They were ambushed on Lamon by the 17th Arcturan Guards, facing heavy aerospace and artillery fire, as well as a full regiment of veteran MechWarriors. Against incredible odds, the discipline of the Zetas held, allowing them to link up with the Black Widow Company and securing a landing zone for the rest of the Dragoons. Their objective was ultimately achieved and the Dragoons withdrew.[21]

Unfortunately for the Dragoons, a spy in the Marik court had revealed to the Lyrans the Dragoons' ultimate target.[22] Hesperus II had been reinforced, and the Dragoons now faced the 6th, 15th and 24th Lyran Guards, the 3rd Royal Guards and the mercenary Hsien Hotheads and Hansen's Roughriders. The Thirteenth Battle for Hesperus would be a brutal campaign. After a hard, contested landing and facing a long, hazardous path towards the target factories, Jaime Wolf committed Zeta Battalion to the march, and on June 22, Zeta with Alpha and Gamma Regiments crossed the Erewhon River, braving heavy aerospace fighter and hovercraft attacks. Facing serious losses, the Dragoons were forced to pull back. Ultimately, neither the determination of his line regiments nor the cunning of the Black Widow nor even the sheer power of Zeta Battalion was enough to take the factories, and the Dragoons were forced to retreat.[23] Not only had Zeta Battalion taken heavy losses, but Colonel Pollock was also killed. J. Elliot Jamison would become Zeta's fourth commander.

In service to Steiner[edit]

In 3020, the Dragoons would depart House Marik's service, entering the employ of the Lyran Commonwealth and stationed along the Draconis Combine border. They engaged in raiding with the other Dragoons, and took part in the major fighting on Dromini VI in 3021.[24]

In service to Kurita[edit]

In early 3023, the Dragoons left the Commonwealth to enter the service of House Kurita.[25] Stationed in the Galedon Military District, Zeta Battalion and the rest of the Dragoons were soon raiding worlds in the Federated Suns' Draconis March. They were assigned to the Battle of Hoff with Epsilon and the Widows in 3023.[26][27] They participated in the heavy fighting on Deshler in 3025 alongside Beta Regiment against elements of the 4th Davion Guards RCT. Though successful in winning the world, setbacks on other fronts forced Coordinator Takashi Kurita to withdraw his mercenaries from Deshler.[28]

Zeta would participate in the battle of Barlow's End, fighting alongside Alpha Regiment and the new Ryuken training regiment commanded by Minobu Tetsuhara, the Dragoons' former liaison officer and a close, personal friend to Jaime Wolf. When Major Kelly Yukinov, acting commander of Alpha Regiment, and Tetsuhara were wounded in a bombing, Colonel Jamison took command of both Dragoon forces. Zeta Battalion fought well, briefly securing their objective, a prototype weapon House Davion was developing. Unfortunately, the Dragoons were ambushed before they could escape with it. Already facing heavy opposition and supply issues, when the Dragoons unexpectedly discovered elements of the Eridani Light Horse were on Barlow's End, Jamison ordered the Dragoons off-planet.[29]

By the end of 3027, matters between the Dragoons and Combine had deteriorated into open hostility. Zeta Battalion was not on An Ting when the fighting broke out, but they were soon called to Misery.

The Battle of Misery[edit]

Insignia of the Ryuken, Zeta's opponents on Misery

In April of 3028, the BattleMechs of Wolf's Dragoons squared off against seven of the best regiments the Draconis Combine could field; four regiments of Ryuken, the 17th and 21st Galedon Regulars and the 8th Sword of Light. The Battle of Misery would be an epic conflict with both sides taking tremendous casualties. The warriors of Zeta Battalion inflicted massive losses on the Kuritans with the highest kill rates of any unit. This came at great cost, however, as Zeta Battalion also suffered the greatest losses of any Dragoon unit. Of the forty total MechWarriors and officers of Zeta Battalion, twenty-four met their deaths on Misery.[1] The Dragoons emerged triumphant in one of the largest, most vicious clashes of BattleMechs in decades.

After the battle, the remains of Zeta Battalion were assigned as part of the Dragoons' Home Guard along with the other support units, to protect the civilian dependents.

Fourth Succession War[edit]

Coming full circle, the Dragoons signed a contract to once again serve the Federated Suns. Declaring a blood-feud against House Kurita, the reorganized Dragoon regiments would soon face hard fighting on Glenmora, Harrow's Sun and Wapakoneta. In every battle, the Dragoons inflicted incredible damage against their Combine foes, though they would pay the price in blood.

Near the end of the war, the surviving Dragoon regiments were besieged by the DCMS on Crossing, making their final stand. With transport support provided by the mercenary unit Miller's Marauders,[30] Colonel Jamison reorganized Zeta Battalion with other surviving Dragoons and arranged a rescue. The sudden appearance of Zeta's assault 'Mechs broke the spirit of the Galedon Regulars regiments, compelling one unit to surrender and forcing two others to retreat. In all, more than three-quarters of the attacking force was destroyed. The war with Takashi Kurita had ended in a victory for Wolf's Dragoons.[31][32]

After the war, the remains of Zeta Battalion joined the rest of the Dragoons on the new Dragoon homeworld of Outreach.

War of 3039[edit]

By 3039, the Dragoons had still not recovered their full strength, but nevertheless First Prince Hanse Davion was able to convince Jaime Wolf to let Wolf's Dragoons participate in the War of 3039. Zeta Battalion was listed as a provisional battalion at this point, but retained its Elite rating. The Dragoons were based on Caph in preparation for an eventual invasion of Dieron, an attack that would never come. Instead, Caph was raided by the Ryuken-ni and the Ryuken-san as part of the Combine Counterattack. The fighting between the bitter rivals was oddly anticlimactic, with most units taking moderate losses before the Ryuken were forced to withdraw. Zeta Battalion's operational losses were roughly 25 percent. Afterwards, Zeta returned to Outreach to continue their rebuilding efforts.[33]

Clan Invasion and Dragoon Civil War[edit]

By 3050, Zeta Battalion had been fully active and was once again among the most distinguished units in the Inner Sphere. When the Clan Invasion struck, they were apparently operating in the Duchy of Andurien under contract to the Free Worlds League. Like the other Dragoon units, they were recalled to Outreach for a meeting to discuss the Dragoons' place in the conflict.[34] They did not see action during the Battle of Luthien in 3051, as Jaime Wolf kept them in reserve on Outreach along with the other independent commands.[35][36]

When the Dragoon Civil War broke out in 3054, Zeta Battalion was out on assignment, far from Outreach. When they heard of the coup by Elson Novacat and Alpin Wolf, a coup that used Clan laws as its basis, Colonel Jamison chose to regard Colonel Jaime Wolf's rebellion as a Trial of Refusal. Zeta Battalion broke contract, returning to Outreach to oppose Wolf's rebellion.[37][3] Despite Zeta Battalion joining the Loyalists, Jaime Wolf proved triumphant when Fleet Colonel Issola Chandra of the Dragoons' Naval Command intervened, taking the role of Oathmaster and declaring Wolf the victor, narrowly avoiding a final conflict between Wolf's forces and Zeta Battalion.[38][39]


Afterward, Colonel Jamison and Zeta Battalion, again adhering to Clan tradition, once again counted themselves among Commander Jaime Wolf's most ardent supporters, actively taking part in the reorganization of the units.[3]

As part of the reorganization, Zeta Battalion would be reorganized according to Clan structure and equipment with three Trinaries, a Command Star and a Fire Support Star, exclusively made up of heavy and assault Clan OmniMechs.[40][3]

In the years following the Civil War, Jamison and Zeta Battalion continued to serve with distinction, both in training the rebuilt Dragoon regiments alongside Gamma Regiment and in the field. They notably saw action around 3066 on Epsilon Indi, fighting an unknown unit using Clan technology.[7]

Sometime between 3059 and 3067, Zeta would add two more mixed Trinaries with additional Clan OmniMechs, as well as artillery, hovertanks, Elementals, and aerospace fighters.[7]

First Harlech[edit]

Though expected to eventually join other Dragoon units on the Draconis Combine-Ghost Bear Dominion border,[41] Zeta Battalion was still on Outreach[42] on October 15, 3067, when a mixed group of rogue mercenaries totaling roughly four regiments led by Colonel Wayne Waco launched a surprise attack on Harlech City on Outreach. This was coordinated with a series of terrorist strikes. It caught the Dragoons and their Allied Mercenary Command allies completely unawares, doing massive damage to the capital city and completely destroying the Hiring Hall. Over the course of four days of vicious fighting which the Dragoons later called First Harlech, Epsilon Regiment and the Home Guard ground forces were effectively destroyed as effective fighting units, while Zeta Battalion, the Wolf Spider Battalion and Beta Regiment all took heavy damage. The worst came in the final hours of the battle on October 18 when the heart and soul of the Dragoons, Jaime Wolf, was killed during a final battle with Wayne Waco, who had claimed a feud with Wolf’s Dragoons dating back six decades. Of the rogue mercenary forces who had wrought these losses, all were completely destroyed.[43][44][45][46]

While General Maeve Wolf and Alpha Regiment began the journey back to Outreach from the Combine-Ghost Bear border, Wolfnet intelligence soon concluded the obvious : the attack had been sponsored by the Word of Blake.[46][43] Along with the AMC, it was decided to strike back at the Word of Blake's doorstep: not at Terra itself, but at their colony on Mars.

Taskforce Vengeance[edit]

The flag of Mars, where Zeta Battalion met its end

The purpose of Taskforce Vengeance was to make the Blakists pay for their treachery. Along with Beta Regiment, two Dragoon WarShips, the aerospace contingent of the Home Guard and AMC allies in the 1st Dismal Disinherited and Lindon's Company, Zeta would strike at Blakist facilities on Mars, showing that they, too, were vulnerable. Launched from Liberty on December 7, 3067, they had every reason to expect they would be successful. Instead, the Taskforce came under massive attack before much of the ships even reached Mars orbit. Dozens of Dragau II assault interceptors proved far too much for the Taskforce to overcome. All of the ships of the Taskforce, along with most of the troops they were carrying, were destroyed before making planetfall. Only some elements of Zeta Battalion would make it to the surface, and they would land scattered with heavy damage. They quickly fell prey to the Blakists' 7th Division, completely wiping out the prestigious unit.[46][47][46][48][49][50]

The only surviving legacy of Zeta was Major Tara Lucas, Zeta's second in command at the time of the attack and one of the very few survivors taken prisoner. Lucas became the highest-ranking Dragoon taken captive by the Blakists during the Jihad. After two years of torture, Lucas seemed to break, and it was decided to use her as a propaganda tool against the Dragoon insurgency still resisting the Blakists on Outreach. In October 3069, Dragoon Major Elson Novacat led his resistance force of Elementals and ambushed the Blakist detachment, rescuing Lucas. After several weeks of Novacat's efforts, Lucas recovered from her trauma, and was filled with the desire for revenge. Lucas took command of the resistance movement in April 3070 when Novacat was killed. In September of that year, Lucas met with Stacy Church, commander of the new Black Widow Company. Though Church refused to place her troops under Lucas' command, the two groups quickly began working together to overcome the Blakist occupation, beginning with the treacherous Broadsword Legion. Defeating the Legion in April 3071, they then set their sights on the other major Word of Blake unit on planet, Wannamaker's Widowmakers. Lucas was reported killed helping to rescue many Dragoon civilians, though with her sacrifice she helped give Outreach the chance at freedom for the first time in years.[51]

IlClan Era and Rebirth[edit]

I need a battalion that will destroy everything in front of it, grind it to dust, and then piss on the ashes.
  —  Colonel, Henry Kincaid, when ordering Haya Tetsuhara to resurrect Zeta.[52]

Zeta wasn't resurrected until months after the Battle of Terra. The Dragoons were decimated, with about eighty percent losses, but the Dragoons new commander, Colonel Henry Kincaid, wanted to rebuild them... and he began with Zeta.[52]

After the Tarantulas Battalion, returned from a failed raid, as part of the Dragoons' private war against the Wolf Empire, he promoted the surviving officer, captain Haya Tetsuhara, to major, and ordered her to resurrect Zeta on 24 August 3151. Taking veterans from Wolfbane and Tarantulas battalions, and survivors from Alpha Regiment, she began working at the Dragoons' base, Ilion. On 21 October, Zeta was assembled. Haya made a battalion of thirty-six BattleMechs and OmniMechs, the lightest one only 80 tons, along with three platoons of battle armor, light spotter suits and a wing of heavy Scytha OmniFighters.[53] On 30 November, after a month of intense training, Zeta departed for their first contract, for the Duchy of Tamarind-Abbey: to assault and secure three Wolf Empire worlds. The first, Labouchere, was attacked on 31 December. After a short but intense battle, Zeta crushed the local Cluster before departing.[54]

The second planet, Alula Borealis was taken by Haya after defeating the garrison commander in a Trial of Possession, taking as bondsmen a company of Wolves. The third and last planet, Trellisane took two weeks. The Wolves' 106th Wolf Garrison Cluster keep them busy with hit-and-run attacks, but after destroying their logistic base and downing almost of their aerospace fighters, Zeta forced them to leave the planet. Taking two captured Isegrim-class DropShips, Zeta left the planet soon after.[55]

Zeta barely had time to return to Ilion to rest before departing again, this time on a Dragoons' private raid against Gienah, the Wolf Empire's capital. They infiltrated Gienah and landed unopposed on 6 June, far from the capital city. When the main defending Cluster, the new Ninety-first Wolf Guards, landed nearby, Zeta's artillery and their fighters downed most of the Ninety-first's DropShips, forcing them to retreat.[56]

Zeta quickly boarded their DropShips again and moved to Alliago City, the capital, and day by day they began pounding the Ninety-first and the Den Keshik (Clan Wolf), the only other unit on planet, to scrap. On 11 June they launched their last assault, effectively annihilating both units, with minimal losses. As they'd accomplished their objectives, except for killing or capturing the Empire's Viceroy, Star Colonel Othar, which had escaped, Zeta retreated, with the Battle of Gienah (3152) a total victory.[57]

J. Elliot Jamison, Zeta's longest-served commander


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Zeta Battalion
Colonel Frank Wells 3004 - 3012[10]
Colonel Mary Terrell 3012 - 3016[20]
Colonel Simpson Pollock 3016 - 3019[23]
Colonel J. Elliot Jamison 3019 - 3067[1]
Major Haya Tetsuhara 3151 - present[57]

Other Officers[edit]


Zeta Battalion never divides itself into smaller units. They favor direct attacks using their overwhelming firepower, and frequently make physical attacks with their 'Mechs, a tactic they specialize at. They are also known to flush out an enemy commander's 'Mech by engaging in one-on-one combat, then switching to mass concentrated fire, demoralizing enemy forces by removing their leadership from the field.[3][59] Late in their history, they began implementing combined-arms tactics as part of their new structure.[7]

Composition History[edit]


Zeta Battalion (Battalion/Elite/Reliable)[1]

Co: Colonel J. Elliot Jamison
  • Command Lance[1]
  • Red Company[1]
Co: Captain Tara Lucas
  • White Company[1]
Co: Captain Noi Srisubadh
  • Blue Company[1]
Co: Captain Arthur Garrett


Zeta Battalion Provisional (Battalion/Elite/Fanatical)[60]

Note: At this point in time the command was stationed on Outreach.[60]


Zeta Battalion (Strengthened Battalion/Elite/Reliable)[3][40]

Co: Colonel J. Elliot Jamison
  • Command Star[3]
  • 1st Trinary[3]
Co: Major Tara Lucas
Co: Captain Tammy Markham
Co: Captain Jimmy Two-Feathers
At this point in time the unit was stationed on Outreach.[61]


Zeta Battalion (Reinforced Battalion/Elite/Reliable)[7]

Co: Colonel J. Elliot Jamison
  • Command Star[7]
  • Able Trinary[7]
Co: Major Tara Lucas
  • Baker Trinary[7]
Co: Major Tammy Markham
  • Gamma Trinary[7]
Co: Captain Jimmy Two-Feathers
Co: Captain Rolf Wolfgang
  • Epsilon Trinary (includes one Star of assault OmniMechs, a Star of Elementals and an aerospace Star)[7]
Co: Captain Nikki Winters


Zeta Battalion (Reinforced Battalion)

Co: Major Haya Tetsuhara


  • Zeta Battalion is parodied in the Critter-TEK system as "the near-invincible Mastodon Battalion," part of "Wolf's Baboons."
  • Special Rules for Zeta Battalion can be found on Historical Turning Points: Misery, p. 9.


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