Zeta Galaxy (Clan Cloud Cobra)

Zeta Galaxy
Formed 1 April 3021
Nickname Prophets of Babylon
Affiliation Clan Cloud Cobra
Parent Command Clan Cloud Cobra touman


Zeta Galaxy was originally conceived as a means of bolstering Cloud Cobra forces for the anticipated invasion of the Inner Sphere by the pro-Crusader leaders of the Josian and Ka'An Cloisters, Zeta Galaxy is neither a front-line nor second-line unit but a reserve Galaxy, a unique designation within the Clan Cloud Cobra touman. Khan Tova N'Buta was convinced by the Crusader-minded Cloisters to create the Galaxy, in part by using their own resources to build it up.[1]

For five years, matériel was stockpiled and warriors earmarked before Khan Tova N'Buta finally commissioned the unit on 1 April 3021. Recognizing that a majority of warriors transferring into the new Galaxy were Crusaders, the Khan encouraged his own warriors, mostly Wardens, to transfer as well. By August of that year, Zeta Galaxy was fully operational; however, while the rank-and-file were majority Crusaders, most of the Galaxy's officers were Wardens and loyal members of N'Buta's Tongo Cloister.[1]

Zeta is the only Cloud Cobra Galaxy that has not served in the Tanite Worlds, instead performing garrison duty in the Kerensky Cluster, with the occasional punitive raid on another Clan. Prior to 3060 one of Zeta's Clusters, the 286th Grenadiers, was decommissioned by order of Khan Din Steiner.[1]

After spending many years garrisoning Brim the Galaxy rotated to Homer. Time spent on worlds shared with Clan Snow Raven allowed the Galaxy to study their combined-arms combat styles and copy their use of close air support.[2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Zeta Galaxy
Galaxy Commander Cynthia Beckett 3061 - 3067[1][3]


Delta Galaxy favored continuous attack, even when at a disadvantage, and would never seek a defensive posture. The Galaxy also excelled in maneuvering in rough terrain.

Composition History[edit]


Zeta Galaxy[1][3]

Former Units[edit]


  • Special Rules for Zeta Galaxy can be found on Field Manual: Warden Clans, p. 177.


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