Zeta Galaxy (Clan Coyote)

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Zeta Galaxy
Formed 2895
Redesignated 3032
Previous Designation(s) Sigma Galaxy
Nickname The Redeemers, (formerly - Swift Coyotes)
Affiliation Clan Coyote
Parent Command Clan Coyote Touman


Raised as Sigma Galaxy in 2895 as a second-line unit, serving as a training unit for the first few decades of its existence. An influx of new OmniMechs to the unit led to Khan Terrence Kufahl redesignating Sigma as Zeta Galaxy in 3032.[1]

Zeta was not as affected by Khan Sullivan Koga's reorganization of the Coyote Touman in the mid 3050s as the other front-line Galaxies, mainly because it had not seen as much action, and consequently, had suffered much less. During this period the 101st Reserve Battle Cluster was added to Zeta's roster.[1]

In 3060, Zeta Galaxy attempted to take the former Nova Cat enclave on Brim. Arrived to find the Star Adders and Cloud Cobras had already taken it. Zeta proceeded to challenge the Star Adders, and the two sides remained locked in conflict until the Cloud Cobras joined a coordinated assault with the Adders to force Zeta off-world.[1]

The Eightieth Strike Cluster had taken up position on Hoard when a Clan Star Adder assault in late December 3071 caught them completely by surprise destroying the unit with ease.[2]

Clan Coyotes’ collusion with the Society caste revolts and its bandit actions was punished by the Grand Council. Each Coyote warrior that could not be positively identified as collaborating with the Society had to fight a personal Trial of Refusal, with the odds set by the Council. The Sixty-ninth Strike Cluster fought a Trial of Refusal against this edict, but lost to the First Viper Guards[3]. The so-called Trials of Cleansing were conducted in mid 3075 and included the warriors of Zeta Galaxy.[4]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Sigma Galaxy
Commanding Officers of the Zeta Galaxy
Galaxy Commander Brenda Kufahl 3052 - 3061[1]
Galaxy Commander Noemi McKibben 3067 - 3085[5][6]


The Galaxy took advantage of its many light OmniMechs to confuse and split the enemy into several pieces, allowing their Elementals to trap and finish each section.[1]

Composition History[edit]


Zeta Galaxy[1]


Zeta Galaxy[1] [5]


Zeta Galaxy[6]


When rolling for random Weight-Class assignment apply a -2 modifier. All of Zeta's Elementals may start deployed in hidden positions.[7]


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