Zeta Galaxy (Clan Diamond Shark)

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Zeta Galaxy
Nickname Territorial Waters
Affiliation Clan Diamond Shark
Parent Command Clan Diamond Shark Touman


Zeta Galaxy was Clan Diamond Shark's primary homeworld defense force during the mid 31st century.[1][2]

During the Territory Wars in 3060 Zeta managed to drive the Jade Falcons off Strato Domingo with assistance from Clan Hell's Horses.[1]

In 3070 after Clan Diamond Shark had been exposed for trading with the Inner Sphere the Vipers, Adders and the Cobras launched attacks against them. Zeta Galaxy found itself engaged on Paxon and Strato Domingo, which quickly turned to a war of attrition.[3] The Galaxy found itself in almost constant fighting as it defended itself and attempted to add weight to merchant deals. In mid-3070 both the Twenty-seventh Combined Strike Cluster and Forty-fourth Cruiser Cluster were lost to Clan Coyote in Trials of Possession.[4]

In December 3071 fighting between Clan Blood Spirit and Clan Coyote on Paxon spilled over into the Diamond Shark city of Thermopolis. During the fight over 600 shark civilians lost their lives. The Eighty-third Combined Strike Cluster moved against the Blood Spirits to enact revenge, however during this assault the Coyotes slipped past them and captured their undefended firebase. During a fierce three-way battle over two days the Eighty-third was destroyed.[5]

With the losses of the Eighty-third the Galaxy was reduced to one functioning Cluster by January 3072. At some point prior to 3085 the 51st Strike Cluster was transferred to Sigma Galaxy[6] and Zeta had been disbanded.


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Zeta Galaxy
Galaxy Commander Katerina Kalasa 3061 - 3067[1][7]


"Dig in and hold" was the battle philosophy of the Zeta.[1]

Composition History[edit]


Zeta Galaxy[1][7]


Zeta Galaxy[4]

  • Agate Skate
  • 51st Strike Cluster
  • 83rd Combined Strike Cluster


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