Zeta Galaxy (Clan Ghost Bear)

Zeta Galaxy
Nickname Claws of the Ghost
Affiliation Clan Ghost Bear
Parent Command Clan Ghost Bear Touman


Zeta Galaxy was the only all-Elemental Galaxy in the Clans. Evolved over the decades by absorbing solahma Elementals from other units, as time passed and the unit reached 50% Elementals, the commanders began developing unique tactics for large formations of armored infantry. The unit was technically a provisional garrison formation, but it also served as a "tactical laboratory" that developed new methods and strategies.

The various Clusters of Zeta Galaxy were often attached to other OmniMech heavy Clusters to form temporary "Nova Clusters", but they also fought well on their own merits.[1]

First Combine/Ghost Bear War[edit]

Two of the Claws from Zeta Galaxy were actively involved in the First Draconis Combine / Ghost Bear War, which began in 3062 with a suicidal attack by three regiments of the Alshain Avengers against the Ghost Bear-held world of Alshain.[2] The First Claw supported the Twelfth Bear Chevaliers[3] in a spoiling attack on Mualang, which successfully pinned the defending Nova Cat forces in place, preventing them from assisting the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery.[4] Then, when the Ghost Bears responded to the Clan Hell's Horses invasion of their Dominion (prompted by Khan Vladimir Ward of Clan Wolf), the Third Claw played a significant role in the battle on Predlitz, where the Third incapacitated the Hell's Horses' Khan during the battle for New Denver, the planetary capital, and were recognized as having performed particularly well. Both of the Claws that saw active combat took heavy losses and were still awaiting an influx of new recruits in 3067.[3]


In March, 3074, Zeta Galaxy was among the Clan Ghost Bear forces fighting the Word of Blake on Radstadt. There, after a Blakist neutron bomb attack left several Clan soldiers from various commands dying of radiation poisoning, Galaxy Commander Jocelyn Vong organized a unit of the dying, then-informally named The Walking Dead, for a successful attack on the 43rd Shadow Division's DropShips.[5]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Zeta Galaxy (Ghost Bear Dominion)
Galaxy Commander Jocelyn Vong 3061 - 3074[1][6][5]


Zeta's Elementals specialize in coordinated assaults from hidden positions, and working together as a team.[1]

Composition History[edit]





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