Zeus Heavy Rifle

Zeus Heavy Rifle


The Zeus Heavy Rifle was designed by Federated Industries for pure stopping power. Though it has less range than other ballistic rifles, the Zeus' popularity is such that it is widely copied and produced throughout the Inner Sphere.[1] The Zeus fires a 700-grain, 13mm bullet at five times the speed of sound, producing a very audible crack and muzzle flash which can give away the firer's position but allows them to easily penetrate body armor.[2][3] It also produces such horrific recoil that even a strong man would hesitate to fire it twice, at least willingly.[4] While most human opponents will go down to a single shot from the Zeus, some, including certain Manei Domini models, do require multiple shots before being killed.[5]



Item: Rifle (Zeus Heavy)[6]
Equipment Rating: C/C-B-B/D
Armor Piercing/Base Damage: 5B/5
Range: 35/80/190/420 meters
Shots: 5
Cost/Reload: 200/3
Affiliation: LA
Mass/Reload: 8kg/80g
Notes: -


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