Zhen Quang

Zhen Quang
Character Profile
Affiliation Federated Suns

Zhen Quang was a General Motors worker and truck driver.


Zhen Quang was born in the Capellan Confederation, but eventually immigrated along with his family, moving to Kathil, were he found work in the BattleMech production factory of General Motors. He worked there several years, making friend with the young coworker, and 'Mech driver Jarvis Clayton.[1]

On New Years Day of 3000, he was tasked to help move two brand newly completed Marauder BattleMechs from the main assembly line of the Kathil Plant to vehicle storage. Nearly all of the employees of General Motors have the day off in observance of the new millennium festivities. He talked with Clayton, being informed he has to drive a flag truck out in front to guide him along the way.[1]

As the Marauder was being moved, an unidentified DropShip with Capellan Confederation colors on it landed on GM's ramp and deployed a lance of light 'mechs. At the same time, the technician Hal activated a radio scrambler to prevent Jarvis and Zen from calling for help before setting out in a second truck to try and coerce Clayton in surrendering the 'mech to him. Zen and Hal get into an argument and Zen quickly realizes that a raid is in progress. Quang then urged Jarvis to run to vehicle storage and lock himself inside to protect all of GM's Marauders that are currently in storage awaiting buyers. Enraged about Hal, which had proved to be a Capellan agent, Zen crashes his flag truck into Hal's truck when Hal tries to shoot Jarvis in the cockpit, making him miss. Hal then shoots Zen and put himself in front of Jarvis in the Marauder to keep him from going anywhere, but Jarvis killed Hal and drove off the raiders, before calling for help for Zen as he runs the Marauder back to the assembly line. He finds that Zen still alive, but severely injured in a shoulder. Zhen, while was being tended by paramedics, gaves his blessing for Jarvis to date his daughter.[1]

In the ensuing investigation, Jarvis was so sure he will be fired for his acts than began searching another job while evading journalists. At the meeting with GM's leaders, the 10 January, they revealed that Hal was a deep cover agent for House Liao who had put into the company long ago in preparation for just this day when security responses would be at a minimum. Jarvis and Zen were hailed as heroes for stopping the theft of potentially a whole company of Marauders.[1]


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