Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Black Lion (see Notes)


The Zulfiqar was a Black Lion-class battlecruiser in service with the Capellan Confederation Armed Forces as the CCS Zulfiqar during the First Succession War. In September 2787 the Zulfiqar led a group of Capellan WarShips in an ambush against Free Worlds League forces in the Wazan system, striking as the Marik Militia forces on the planet were in the process of redeploying to attack worlds within the Capellan Confederation. Striking first at the transport vessels located at the zenith and nadir jump points, the Zulfiqar and the other ships of her group—four destroyers, two each of the Essex and Lola III classes—destroyed or captured a number of ships as the Free Worlds League Navy ships in orbit above the planet began in-system jumps in response.[1]

The League WarShips—the battleship FWLS Ragusa and a pair of Lola I-class destroyers, the FWLS Minsck and FWLS Warsaw—were destroyed by the Zulfiqar and the other Capellan WarShips, but not before the destroyer Khalzan had taken enough damage to cause it to be scuttled.[1]


The Terran Hegemony sold a number of Black Lion I-class battlecruisers during the Star League era,[2] of which the Capellan Confederation bought and reactivated at least one: the CNS Typhon. Although the class of the Zulfiqar is given simply as "Black Lion", it may well have been an older Black Lion I-class WarShip.[3]


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