…And Full of Terrors

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…And Full of Terrors
Story information
Author Chris Hussey
Type Short Story
Product Shrapnel Issue 14
Era Dark Age era
Timeline 15-27 July 3105

…And Full of Terrors is a short story by Chris Hussey that was published in the fourteenth issue of Shrapnel.

Plot summary

On planet Mica V, the local Sheriff Magne Nilssen investigates a crime. The victim, like several previous ones, was a member of Consangauk Clan, a group of the Clans admirers which had created their own clan. Despite the refusal to talk with him, the Sheriff was determined to uncover the truth behind the crimes and put an end to the deaths. Soon after, Magne receives the visit of a mysterious businessman, Hiroshi Nagasawa, which was determined to buy the Consangauk Clan's lands and implied to be determined to bribe the sheriff for it. Magne rejects his offer. After Consangauk Khan was killed too, Magne places an ambush with his 'Mech, and founds the crimes' culprits: a group of three Battle armor warriors posing as monsters. The Sheriff manages to kill them or force them to surrender, though in the fight he loses one of his deputies. Days later, the Sheriff calls Nagasawa to his office, and reveals than he knew than Hiroshi was behind the crimes. He was a Clan Sea Fox merchant determined to seize the Consangauk's lands' resources at any cost, and after threatening to arrest him, he lets the Fox go, and after he had left, he and his remaining men prepare to mourn their lost friends.

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