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== Officers ==
== Officers ==
As of [[3052]] the Commanding Officer was [[Star Colonel]] Abioseh [[Winson (Bloodname)|Winson]].
{| class="wikitable"
! scope="col" width="220" style="background: #dedede;" | Rank
! scope="col" width="220" style="background: #dedede;" | Name
! scope="col" width="220" style="background: #dedede;" | Command
| colspan="4" style="background: #efefef;" | '''Commanding Officers of the 11th Battle'''
| [[Star Colonel]]||[[Abioseh Winson]]||[[3052]]

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11th Battle Cluster
Unit Profile (as of 3059)
Nickname The Watchers;[1] The Bronze Lancers (official)[citation needed]; Blood Gallery (unofficial)[citation needed]
Parent Formation Gamma Galaxy


Operation Revival

Gamma's Insignia
As part of Gamma Galaxy the Eleventh Battle fought on the following worlds during the invasion of the Inner Sphere:

Wave Two

Wave Three

Wave Four

Wave Five



Refusal War

Beta's Insignia
The Eleventh Battle Cluster survived the Refusal War, but was trapped on Wotan. As a staunch Warden Cluster Khan Ward left it intact during his reforms, so he could easily keep a check on the Wardens. In an attempt to rid himself of these warriors Ward transferred them to Beta Galaxy and has utilised the Cluster in a number of battles in the hope that attrition will finally remove them.[1]

In the wake of the Refusal War the Eleventh were instrumental in the success of the Harvest Trials. Their impact was huge and the isorla warriors they took filled the ranks of both Beta and Gamma Galaxies.[1]

As a further attempt to remove the Warden influence Khan Ward re-formed Omega Galaxy in 3063.[2] The Eleventh Battle Cluster was transferred to the new formation, which was then sent to the Periphery to hunt pirates.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 11th Battle
Star Colonel Abioseh Winson 3052


The Cluster is practised at splitting an opponents force, then wheeling on the enemy with concentrated fire.[1]

Composition History


  • Trinary Command (3 OmniMech Stars) - Star Colonel Abioseh Winson
  • Trinary Assault (3 OmniMech Stars) - Star Captain Elvin Kerensky
  • Trinary Battle (3 OmniMech Stars) - Star Captain Lun Ward
  • Trinary Striker (3 OmniMech Stars) - Star Captain Zoll Carns
  • Fighter Trinary (3 OmniFighter Stars) - Star Captain Hutta Fetladral
  • Support Vessels:


Eleventh Battle Cluster - (Elite/Questionable)



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