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124th Striker (Clan Jade Falcon)

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124th Striker (Clan Jade Falcon).jpg
124th Striker Cluster
Unit Profile (as of 3059)
Nickname The Blue Demons[1]
Parent Formation Rho Galaxy[2]
Formed unknown


Operation RevivalEdit

On September of 3050 the 124th Striker Cluster engaged the Gray Death Legion on Sudeten, badly mauled the famous mercenary unit and destroyed the local Sudeten Militia.[1]

In 3054 the unit is stationed on Malibu, [3] and moved in 3059 to Roadside[4] and in 3067 for garrison duty to Cusset.[5]

In June 3069 elements of the 124th faced the 1st Kell Hounds on Graceland. The Falcons killed Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Allard in this engagement.[6]

After the Jihad the unit is stationed on Wotan in 3079 and on Antares in 3085.[7][8]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 124th Striker
Star Colonel Abraham Chi-Li 3050 - 3055[9][2]
Star Colonel Fallon Hazen 3055 - 3067[2][5]
Star Colonel Thomas Buhallin 3085[8]

Other OfficersEdit



Composition HistoryEdit


124th Striker Cluster[3]


124th Striker Cluster (5 Trinaries/Elite/Reliable)[2]

  • CO: Star Colonel Fallon Hazen


124th Striker Cluster (Elite/Reliable)[5]

  • CO: Star Colonel Fallon Hazen


124th Striker Cluster (Elite/Reliable)[7]


124th Striker Cluster (Elite/Reliable)[8]

  • CO: Star Colonel Thomas Buhallin



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