193rd Dragoon (Clan Star Adder)

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Clan Star Adder.jpg
One Hundred to ninety-third Dragoon Cluster
Formed 3059
Nickname Restless Spirit
Affiliation Clan Star Adder
Parent Command Epsilon Galaxy


The 193rd Dragoon Cluster was a former Clan Burrock unit captured in the Absorption. The unit was assigned to the Adder's Epsilon to replace the horrendous loses from the fight on Dagda. The unit is fanatically loyal to its new clan but has had difficulty getting new machines. The ranks were further depleted because the Wolves had harvested a binary in 3059.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 193rd Dragoon Cluster (Clan Burrock)
Commanding Officers of the 193rd Dragoon Cluster (Clan Star Adder)
Star Colonel Nicholas Hallik 3059[1]


The unit had not developed a unique fighting in 3059, as it was still rebuilding after the Absorption.[1]

Composition History[edit]


193rd Dragoon Cluster



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