1st Bannson's Raiders

The Scourge.png
1st Bannson's Raiders
Formed 3132
Nickname The Scourge
Affiliation Bannson Universal Unlimited
Parent Command Bannson's Raiders


The First Bannson's Raiders was a mercenary regiment in the employment of Jacob Bannson and part of the military arm of Bannson Universal Unlimited. Although the First is their official name, they were better known by their nickname The Scourge.[1]

The warriors of the Scourge are incredibly competitive with each other. This is due in part to the rule laid down by Jacob Bannson that any 'Mech captured on in battle by a Scourge warrior becomes that warrior's personal property. Although Bannson had the wealth to provide them with new, well maintained equipment they did not have access to the cutting-edge technologies of the day due to the lack of Bannson's ties with the Republic military and his commoner status.[2]

In September 3132, the Scourge raided a Belyakov-Ourobouros depot on Fletcher, overwhelming the defenders and escaping with a haul of valuable salvage.[3]

In October 3133 the Scourge landed on Irian near the Kirin River Valley. They then executed an ambush on a factory supply train guarded by the Northwind Highlanders. The Raiders triggered mines to disable the convoy, and then attacked from the cover of the surrounding woods. The Raiders were surprised by the Highlanders' presence, but pushed on to loot the convoy and then escaped back into the forest with little to show for their efforts.[4] They then pulled off planet, but left a contingent behind hidden in the Soapstone Mountains. These played a waiting game as several other factions fought over the factory complex. In late November the small contingent made a lightning attack that took everyone by surprise. They gained a foothold inside the complex but soon realized they could not take and hold it, so decided to deny it to others and caused severe damage to the structure before being hunted down.[5]

In August 3136 the Scourge mutinied against Jacob Bannson and took him captive, to be turned over to Republic authorities.[6]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the First Bannson's Raiders
Colonel Meghann Tenclay 3132
Colonel Hadrian Roth 3136[7]

Other Officers

In 3132 the unit XO was Lieutenant Colonel Esau Stark.[8]


The men and women of the unit were highly-trained professional soldiers, but their temperament meant they were more suited to smaller operations and hit and run attacks than to planetary assault and conquest. Working best in Company size units. Their logistics setup was also for this style of combat.[1]

Composition History


First Bannson's Raiders - (Veteran)

  • Equipment Level: D
  • Size: Regiment


The unit's motto is "Never Retreat".


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