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1st Division (ComStar)

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As well as being the first Com Guard unit formed, the 1st Division has been the most active unit in the both secret and public phases of ComStar's military history.


After the Necess Kurita crisis pointed to the need for ComStar to maintain an active combat-ready miltiary, then Primus Hollings York forced the so called ComStar Guards and Milita in 2933. The 1st Division and the Milita as a whole first saw action in 2979 during the so called Tripitz Affair, the Order's attempt to prevent the Taurian Concordat from recovering an ancient Black Lion-class battlecruiser, the SLS Tripitz, in orbit around New Vandenburg. The 1st Division were ordered to destroy the ship, painting their equipment stark white to prevent any link to the Order. Despite their lack of practical combat experience, the 1st's advanced Star League-era equipment allowed them to defeat the Taurian forces in under an hour with only three deaths, before obliterating the WarShip. [1] The 1st's success earned them new respect from the the Order and Primus Yin Takami specifically, who authorized an expansion of the Milita's 'Mech element based on their actions. [2]

The 1st again saw combat in 3004 when they were ordered by then Primus Allen Rusenstein to exterminate the pirate band commanded by "Black" Jack McGirk, which had previously been supported by the Order as part of the so called Jolly Roger Affair but had since turned rogue. Tracking the pirates to the unmapped world of Trisha, the 1st fought against McGirk's band for the better part of three days. While the 1st successfully completed their mission, the greater combat experience of the pirates gave them a 2.3 to 1 kill ratio against the still relatively untested ComStar forces. [3][2]

With the public unveiling of the newly renamed Com Guard, the elite ranked 1st Division, refered to by the nickname of Strong Retaliation, was assigned to ComGuard 6th Army under the command of Precentor Peter McGillaray and stationed on Oriente.[4]

As part of the 6th Army, during the Battle of Tukayyid the 1st fought against Clans Steel Viper and Ghost Bear, most notably launching strikes on the Steel Viper's supply lines [5]. The effective leadership of Precentor McGillary during the battle led the 1st to adopt the nickname of McGillaray's Legion, one of the few times a Com Guard unit has been named for its commander. [6]

Unable to return to their original posting in the Free Worlds League and with a growing pirate threat on the Combine-Periphery border, the 1st's headquarters was moved to Rockland. In 3061, Precentor McGillaray sent Legion Beta Level III into the Periphery to try and identify and neutralize these pirates, but contact with the unit was lost. [6] By 3067 the situation remained unchanged as continuious raids wear down the unit. Precentor McGillaray became convinced that raiders success against one of the Com Guard's most elite units indicated they are too well trained and equipped to be pirates, but attempts identify the House or Clan sponsoring them as well the 1st's attempts at locating the pirate bases have been unsuccessful. [7]

The insignia of the 1st Division is a helmet of a Roman soldier resting atop a large marble pillar. [6]


Peter McGillaray was assigned command of the 1st in the first public unveiling of the Guards in the 3040's, continuing in this position during the terrible fighting on Tukayyid and beyond. The respect for their commanding officer and his skills is reflected in the unit's nickname.


The 1st Division have formed the basis of all Guards and the basic tactics they established went on to influence the organization as a whole. As the Guards have grown and expanded, the unit has continued to focus specifically on the anti-pirate and small unit actions that the pre-Schism Guards publicity machine pointed to as the organizations purpose.


  • Legion Alpha III-nu
  • Legion Beta III-mu - Suspected lost
  • Legion Gamma III-xi
  • Legion Delta III-pi
  • Legion Epsilon III-omicron
  • Legion Zeta III-xi


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