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  • Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces sends three 'Mech regiments, including the elite Third Donegal Guards and famed Stealths to retake Sakhalin from the Draconis Combine.
    • October: The Stealths are destroyed as a viable combat command.
    • Lyran Commonwealth recaptures Sakhalin. To honor the sacrifice of the Stealths Archon Elizabeth Steiner confers a dukedom on its commander and renames his homeworld of Treeline to Winfield in his honor.


  • Late: open fighting in Second Succession War winds down.
  • Captain-General Philippa Marik sends some of her few remaining enclaves of scientists to the worlds of Andurien, Danais, Rochelle and Ryerson in an attempt to rebuild their shattered industrial bases.


  • Remains of Stefan Amaris interred in cemetery for common criminals on New Samarkand when it becomes too costly to maintain cryogenic chambers.
  • Tomas Banacek became Khan of Clan Star Adder.


  • The VND-1AA variant of the Vindicator BattleMech is introduced.
  • Clan Jade Falcon acquires OmniMech technology from Clan Coyote in a Trial of Possession.