2nd Loyalty Defenders

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Second Loyalty Defenders
Formed 3091[1]
Nickname Paradise Lost
Affiliation Free Worlds League
Parent Command Loyalty Defenders

Unit Description

The Second Loyalty Defenders was originally a regional Combined-Arms Regiment, which operated within the Marik-Stewart Commonwealth in the (then former) Free Worlds League.[2]



The origin of the regiment can be traced to the resulting tragic aftermath of the destruction of Paradise by a military expedition from the Principality of Regulus. The Regulan expedition which was armed among other weapons, cobalt-laced nuclear weapons, were hunting down Word of Blake forces within the League and Paradise had signs of them being on planet. The sterilization of the planet, prompted Duchess Vero Graham-Marik seek stronger alliance to protect her remaining worlds of her Duchy join Marik-Stewart Commonwealth. As part of exchange of joining the Commonwealth, Captain-General Marik would authorized and fund second battalion, the 2nd Loyalty Defenders, to help bolster defense of her remaining worlds.[2]

Early Republic Era

Survivors from Paradise along with volunteers from worlds of Loyalty and Escobas would form the nucleus of the 2nd Loyalty in 3091 as part of the Marik-Stewart Commonwealth. Due to their origin, the unit would harbor deep seated dislike for the Regulans.

In one of its more notable actions in 3097, the Defenders conducted an intelligence raid on the world of Ibarra. Defending the world was the Eighth Regulan Hussars, which were known for their heavy-handed tactics. In this engagements, the Eighth would attempt to use one of its Tactical Nuclear weapons against the Second Loyalty. However, due to malfunction misfire, a population center would end up being destroyed.[3]

Operation HAMMERFALL and Rise of the New Free Worlds League

In 3137, the Lyran Commonwealth would launch invasion into the former Free Worlds League and the Marik-Stewart Commonwealth. During Hammerfall, the Second and its sister regiment would be involved in a number of actions against the Lyrans and their Clan Wolf allies as they dismantled the Commonwealth.

During the formation of the new Free Worlds League, the brigade would ally with Jessica Marik's coalition force. The Second Loyalty took part in supportive actions during Operation HOMECOMING. The regiment along with other coalition forces engaged with Regulan troops to prevent them from aiding Regulans on Atreus. The Second would be teamed up with Sixth Oriente Hussars would attack the Regulan Fiefs' Fifteenth Regulan Hussars during the operation.[4]

After the formation of the new League, its high military command LCCC, the regiment would be assigned conduct operations against the Regulans due to its attitudes towards the Fiefs. The unit would be used to conduct intelligence gathering raids as well as counter any Regulan aggression against the newly formed Free Worlds League.[2]

Defense of Ibarra

During the League's final conflict with Regulus, the Second faced their old enemies on Ibarra in 3148 alongside the Second Rim Commonality Guards. The Loyalty Defenders' antipathy towards the Regulans was instrumental in securing victory for the FWLM.[5]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 2nd Loyalty Defenders
Colonel Arnulfo Barker 3145[2]


The 2nd Loyalty Defenders, like its sister unit, would be extensive trained in planetary defense tactics. Which would allow them to act in the role anvil, holding attacking forces in place for other forces to come in and hammer them.[2]

Composition History


Second Loyalty Defenders (1 Battalion/Regular/Fanatical)[2]

  • CO: Colonel Arnulfo Baker

Second Loyalty Armor Regiment (Regular/Reliable)[2]

Second Loyalty Infantry Brigade (Veteran/Fanatical)[2]

  • CO: Colonel Miguel Reyes


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