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Find all references to year 3066 - One link per entry (See Years Policy)





  • Capellan Confederation begins production of Trinity Battle Armor series.
  • Vicore Industries first produces the GAL-103 and GAL-104 variants of Galleon Light Tank.
  • Cyclops Incorporated rushes the Glaive Medium Tank into production in time to sees action in the FedCom Civil War.
  • Clan Coyote first fields Rabid Coyote BattleMech.
  • Clan Snow Raven designs and produces Ferro-Lamellor Armor.
  • Clan Star Adder introduces the Burrock BattleMech for the recently absorbed members of Clan Burrock.
  • The CLS-4S variant of the Colossus BattleMech is introduced.
  • Clan Ghost Bear launches first the Leviathan II-class WarShip from Alshain Naval Yard.
  • Blackstone BattleMechs Limited developed the Pegasus Passenger VTOL.
  • Boeing Interstellar launches the first Corvair Luxury Passenger Airliner on Tiber.
  • The Vampyr is created by Bristol SalvageWorks of the Magistracy of Canopus.
  • Hydra 2 ProtoMech is introduced.