Sarna News: Bad 'Mechs - Fireball


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  • February 14th: Matsuhari Toranaga begins his counter-strike against Clan Nova Cat rebels.
  • June: Clans Jade Falcon and Hell's Horses invade the Lyran Commonwealth.
    • June 12th: Arcturus falls to Clan Jade Falcon's Peregrine Galaxy.
  • August 15th: Most of the Kell Hounds are annihilated by Jade Falcon orbital bombardment on Timkovichi.
  • October 12th: A Nova Cat Cluster is destroyed by Rasalhague Dominion while seeking asylum from the Combine.
  • November 24th: Wolf Empire resumes its invasion of the Lyran Commonwealth.
  • November-December: FWLM invades Delacour, Edmonson, Kosciusko and Tamarind.
  • December 29th: Clan Nova Cat defeated and suffers heavy losses on Irece.
  • The Fourth Battle of Tamarind takes place.
  • The 11th Lyran Regulars are destroyed by Clan Wolf forces.
  • Malcontents seize an armory on Zavijava.


  • January 1st: Clan Wolf forms the Wolf Empire
  • March: The Escorpión Imperio completes its conquest of the Hanseatic League and creates the Scorpion Empire.
  • June 23: Malvina Hazen poisons water sources all over Apostica.
  • September: Senate Alliance annexed by Free Worlds League and renamed Augustine Alliance.
  • September-October: Lyran military reinforces Tharkad's environs at the expense of Wolf Empire and Marik borders.
  • Protectorate Military Industries opens a new facility on Belle Isle.
  • The Council of Six Clans votes to admonish Malvina Hazen and Clan Jade Falcon for their un-Clanlike ways.


  • Jacali Nostra is killed on Irece.
  • December 29th: Emi Kurita poisons herself and her son rather than be captured by Yori Kurita's loyalists.


  • The Vandal OmniMech is secretly produced for the Capellan Confederation.
  • Clan Wolf's Wulfen Light OmniMech enters full production at Kallon Weapon Industries on Thermopolis.