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  • 7 April: Clan Hell's Horses launches Phase One of Operation NOYAN against the Rasalhague Dominion
  • April: Marian Hegemony attacks several nearby Free Worlds League planets, including Kendall.
  • 17 June: Clan Hell's Horses launches Phase Two of Operation NOYAN against Clan Jade Falcon
  • June: LCAF reclaims Valloire from the Buena Collective but stalls on Ayacucho.
  • June: Operation PERCEVAL raids several Draconis Combine supply depots
  • July: Regulan Fiefs unsuccessfully attack Marik.
  • October: Marian Hegemony attacks Gibraltar; Capellan and Canopian aid to them is exposed.
  • November: Federated Suns begins Operation CERBERUS with the objective of reclaiming New Syrtis.
  • 4-25 December: New Syrtis reclaimed from the Capellan Confederation.
  • First Davion Guards and local resistance fighters battle the Fifth Ghost Regiment on Franklin.
  • Eighth Bear Cuirassiers raid Yamarovka.


  • January: Clan Sea Fox begins economic interdiction of Regulan Fiefs.
  • 15 March: Julian Davion crowned First Prince of the Federated Suns.
  • June: Julian Davion meets with Federated Suns nobility to discuss functionality of government-in-exile.
  • 3 August: Reunification of Taurian Concordat and Calderon Protectorate scheduled in ten years.
  • 7 November: Free Worlds League Parliament authorizes retaliatory strikes against Marian Hegemony and trade embargo against Capellan Confederation.
  • November: Kell Hounds remnant disappears into the Periphery.
  • The Garrot piloted by the 'Angel of Mercy' begins smuggling foodstuffs to Regulan worlds hit by Clan Sea Fox economic blockade.



  • The LMT-2D Lament variant of the Heavy BattleMech is released by the Republic of the Sphere's Skobel MechWorks.