3rd Bruben Civil Militia

Third Bruben Civil Militia
Formed Ca. 3034[1]
Disbanded 3050[2] (destroyed)
Affiliation Free Rasalhague Republic
Parent Command Bruben Militia

The Third Bruben Civil Militia were a part of the militia forces defending the world of Bruben within the Free Rasalhague Republic.[2]


Clan Invasion[edit]

The Third Bruben Civil Militia was one of three regiments of militia forces stationed on Bruben when the planet was invaded by forces from Clan Wolf in June 3050, one of the attacks launched by the Wolves during the Third Wave of Operation REVIVAL. Fighting alongside a sister regiment, the First Bruben Civil Militia, and the First Bruben Dragoons, the Third faced elements of the Dorbeng Garrison Cluster of Clan Wolf's Epsilon Galaxy. The militia forces fought battles against the invaders at Coson Field, Jeremiah City and Moyers Vale before being defeated.[2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 3rd Bruben Civil Militia



Composition History[edit]


Third Bruben Civil Militia (Regiment)[2]


Game Rules[edit]


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