3rd Freemen (Free Rasalhague Republic)

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3rd Freemen crest
Third Freemen
Disbanded 3060 (disbanded)[citation needed]
Affiliation Free Rasalhague Republic
Parent Command Freemen

The Third Freemen were a regiment of the Free Rasalhague Republic that was destroyed during the Clan Invasion.


As part of the garrison of the capital world of Rasalhague, the Third Freemen received support from a number of conventional commands (two infantry and two armor regiments). They were tasked with the defense of the important Ymir industrial complex on the most southern continent of Hammerfest. Clan Wolf's 352nd Assault Cluster was led by SaKhan Garth Radick, with the unit being specially equipped to meet the harsh weather conditions. Aware of their hopeless situation, the Third Freemen made a fighting retreat off-world.[1][2]

Only one Third Freemen battalion was in operational shape to drop on Kandis. Clan Wolf followed them and started the planetary invasion in September 3050. The defenders this time were better prepared than on Rasalhague. The battalion conducted "hit and run" strikes on the Clanners when possible, catching them off-guard. Khan Radick ordered his troops to strike at the enemy C3 network and capture the opposition commander to bring the battle to an end. When these blows fell, it was too much for the remnants of the beleaguered Third Freemen battalion, who surrendered to the Wolf warriors.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 3rd Freemen
Överste Howar Runyan 3050[4]
Generalmajor Rhodes 3050 - after the Battle of Rasalhague[5]



Composition History[edit]



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