52nd Shadow Division

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52nd shadow div.png
52nd Shadow Division (Apollyon's Chosen)
Unit Profile (as of 3077)
Nickname Apollyon's Chosen
Parent Formation Manei Domini
Formed 3068

Unit Description

The 52nd Shadow Division was elite combat formation under the aegis of Word of Blake that first appeared reportively in first year of the Jihad. The Shadow Division was staffed with cyberneticly augmented warriors known as the Manei Domini. The Division was commanded by the Manei Domini's leader, Precentor Apollyon, selected the only the top people of Word of Blake Militia & Shadow Divisions to staff the unit. They were known for their ruthless and fanatic devotion to the Master. The Division also serves as the parent unit for the special independent operations formation known as the Opacus Venatori.


First Appearance and Domination of Gibson

The unit first appeared in public 3068, though not in its entirety. It was not until Precentor Apollyon was given the governship of later Sir Paul Masters' world of Gibson by Word of Blake influenced member of Marik government, Paul Marik.

Entire Apollyon's Chosen arrived on planet, they begun put down any resistance against Precentor Apollyon's governorship ruthlessly. The Division actions lead to world being converted factory world for the Blake & Manei Domini. Camps sprung across the globe outside the surviving cities of Gibson, where intelligence reports suspect Apollyon is using citizens of planet as raw-materials to make next generation of expendable cybernetic warriors.

Campaign of 3073-3074

In April 3073, the unit deployed in campaign where they responded to various needs of the Word of Blake which brought them through Word of Blake Protectorate and House Steiner space. The unit first arrived on Hall, where they were called in an urgent request for their assistance. The Word of Blake employed mercenary unit. garrisoning the planet, Martian Cuirassiers, requested Blake to send someone to discussion of contract terms for their duty there. Instead of discussing terms, the Apollyon's Chosen eradicated the mercenary unit with city they were garrisoning.

In June, they stuck the Free World League world of Alphard where they destroyed the remains of the Legion of the Rising Sun mercenary unit. Having received word of Principality of Regulus dispatching invasion force to Gibson, the Division moves with incredible speed back to Gibson to assist the 49th Shadow Division to repulse the invasion in August. The Regulan Task force lead by Fourth Regulan Hussars's General Kinchuhuara, struck the former Gibson Federated BattleMechs' factory complex. The Division lay hidden among the buildings of the complex. As the Fourth Regulans enter it, the Apollyon's Chosen launched their ambush of General's leading forces and mauled it. After killing General Kinchuhuara, Precentor Apollyon instructed all opposing forces to surrender. A number of the smaller mercenary commands attached to Regulan's task force surrendered, but Division fought on against naughty retreating Fourth Regulans and their major mercenary commands allies.[1]

Within a month, the 52nd Shadow had mobilized itself and then struck Caledonia with elements of the 40th Shadow Division. There they attacked and destroyed the 22nd Skye Rangers whom were preparing to invade the Blake held factory world of Hesperus II. During this fight, the Division received heavily damage in its annihilation of the Skye regiment. However, despite this damage the Division was on move conducting last leg of it’s almost year long campaign. In February of 3074, the Division struck Bolan where it destroyed the 2nd Regiment of Brion's Legion. After destroying the mercenary regiment, the Chosen destroyed the capital city of the planet, sending the Lyran region into chaos. The Division returned to Gibson where again it arrived in time to assist the 49th Shadow to repulse yet another Regulan raid. By 3075, intelligence reports indicated that Division returned to full strength.



Composition History



Game Notes=

When using the scenario specific rules; The controlling player may choose all of their desired from the Random Assignment Tables for the Free Worlds League, Lyran Alliance, & the Word of Blake. The unit has access to SD Rated Equipment and is elite Skilled.

When rolling to determine which warrior/pilot are augmented, controlling player should apply +3 to their roll.

The Division force specific includes immunities to all opposing unit's abilities, the standard Shadow Division force specific abilities amd has Combat Overrun, Force the Initiative, and Off-Map Movement special abilities as well.<ref>Jihad Secrets: The Blake Documents - Rules Annex - 52nd Shadow Division - Apollyon's Chosen's special abilities, rules, and immunities.


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