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Alexi Holt
Also known as "Sandra Whitfield"
Affiliation Republic of the Sphere
Knight of the Republic

Alexi Holt was a Knight of the Republic.


She infiltrated ComStar after passing all their indoctrination process with the rank of acolyte on orders from Paladin Kelson Sorenson, in their search for Tucker Harwell.[1]


Alexi Holt was responsible for protecting Tucker Harwell from both the Oriente Protectorate and the Spirit Cats on the world of Wyatt.[2]


Alexi would infiltraite the ComStar special projects base on Luyten 68-28 in the guise of Demi-Precentor Sandra Whitfield.[3]


Alexi was known to pilot a Black Knight BattleMech called "Miss Direction" during here career.[4]


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