Allan Marik

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Allan Marik
AffiliationHouse Marik
ParentsGeraldine Marik (mother)
ChildrenPeter Marik
John Marik

Allan Marik was the eighth Captain-General of the Free Worlds League. He was the son of Geraldine Marik and the nephew of Mikhail Marik.[1]


Allan Marik's mother Geraldine was assassinated in 2364. Allan was injured and taken into custody by his uncle Mikhail. Initially sedated in a hospital, Allan was not allowed his freedom. Though Allan was named successor by his mother, Mikhail all but imprisoned him and ruled the Free Worlds League as Captain-General. Allan was freed in 2367 and set upon the task of punishing his uncle. Before he could have his revenge, Mikhail committed suicide.[1][2][3]

Despite his uncle's consolidation of power, Allan's tenure as leader of the Free Worlds League was ineffective. Internal League politics did not allow much to be done, especially once the Capellan Confederation was formed. From 2377 to 2384 Allan was called upon to serve two, one-year terms, one to deal with the Lyran Commonwealth and one for the Capellans. He was again named Captain-General in 2391 due to increased tension along the Capellan border.[1][3]

Death and afterward[edit]

Allan died in a DropShip accident in 2392. Since it happened amid strained relations with the Capellans, assassination was suspected but eventually disproved.[1]


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