Aristotle Maragos

Aristotle Maragos
Character Profile
Affiliation Star League
Rank Major General
Title(s) Knight
Profession MechWarrior

Major General Sir Aristotle Maragos was the commander of the Star League Defense Force's VII Corps from 2751 to at least 2764.[1]


A native of New Earth, Maragos was a standout graduate of the Gunslinger Program, who won his first duel against a Draconis Combine Ronin. His second duel in 2738 however was a draw, and the injuries he suffered permanently removed him from active combat roles.

Based on his strategic skills however, the SLDF promoted him to higher command levels, eventually assigning him to lead VII Corps in 2751. With a respect of Kuritan honor learned as a Gunslinger, and the laws of war, Maragos followed the Ares Conventions to the letter. This included refusing to maintain a stock of Nuclear Weapons for emergency purposes, and granting quarter to pirates, despite standing shoot to kill orders.[1]


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