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Availability Rating is a code used in the Classic BattleTech game indicating how common a class of Combat Support Vehicles, 'Mech, (or other) mounted equipment, or subsystems found in the same. Its primary function is to designate how rare the systems are in a particular time period in the BattleTech universe. A [[similar system was used in the MechWarrior, First Edition roleplaying game. Predominantly, a weapon will have three different ratings: one for Star League era, one for the Succession Wars era, and a third for the Clan Invasion era. However, starting with the release of Interstellar Operations in 2016, some equipment tables started indicating a fourth code representing the Dark Age era.[1][2] As an example, a Left Handed Smoke Benders XECA wouldn't exist in the Star League Era, was invented but Very Rare in the Succession Wars, more available but still Uncommon in the Clan Invasion, and Common by the Dark Age.

Availability Codes Table[3]
Code Availability
A Very Common
B Common
C Uncommon
D Rare
E Very Rare
F Unique
X Item does not exist in this era


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