System-Defense Stations TRO3057r.png
Production information
Manufacturer BBP Industries
Type Space Defense System
Tech Base Star League[1]
Cost ????
Introduced 3056
Technical specifications
Mass 1375 tons
Length 22m
Width 8m
Thrust ????
Fuel (tons) 20
Fuel (days) ????
LF battery No
Armament 1x NL55
Armor 5 (Capital scale, on each of six sides)
Structural Integrity 1
Docking Collars 0
Crew/Passengers 2/0
Grav Decks None
Escape Pods/Life Boats 0/1
Heat Sinks 50 Double Heat Sinks
BV (1.0) ????
BV (2.0) ????

Effectively a free-floating autonomous Naval Laser cannon, the BattleSat is built as a space station, though in light of its (limited) mobility which is required to aim the laser it could arguably alternatively be regarded as a Pocket WarShip or a Monitor.


The BattleSat, sometimes called the SOL (Synchronous Orbit Laser) system, is part of the same project that gave birth to the Nekohono'o Pocket WarShip. Designed to counter the WarShip advantage of Clan Ghost Bear, the BattleSat is part of the Space Defense System surrounding Luthien. BPP Industries designed the BattleSat to serve as a cheap, easy-to-build defense system. With its single weapon, light armor (for a space station), and small crew requirement, the space around Luthien could be filled with BattleSats, causing one massive problem for any attacker. Though intended to destroy WarShips, the Capital-sized Naval Laser system could easily destroy any attacking DropShip it hits.

The first prototype entered service in 3056, and by 3057 five had been deployed in orbit. BBP Industries informed the Draconis Combine Admiralty that they could produce twenty more in "the next three months"[2] , suggesting that the simple design of the BattleSat was a key factor in production.

During the Jihad, the BattleSats were apparently taken offline by Black Dragon Society supporters, as they failed to oppose the Word of Blake WarShips that arrived, nor did they provide any orbital fire support to loyalist troops.[3]

Weapons and Equipment

The BattleSat uses a WarShip-sized Naval Laser 55 as its only armament. Though incapable of firing effectively on aerospace fighters, the NL55 would inflict large amounts of damage on any DropShip or WarShip that entered the laser's range. In addition, the BattleSat mounts enough heat sinks to fire its single weapon system continuously, making it a serious hazard to any attacker. The fact that it does not rely on any ammunition means it can stay in the fight until it is destroyed, or the crew is incapacitated.


The BattleSat has three cargo bays that can hold 40 tons of cargo each. These bays were used to hold consumables for the crew and spare parts for simple systems.


There are no known variants of the BattleSat.


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