BattleTech, Third Edition

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BattleTech, A Game Of Armored Combat, Third Edition
Product information
Type Core Game Set
Publication information
Publisher FASA
Product code 1604
First published 1992
(1994 re-release)
ISBN-10 1555600042
MSRP $25.00
Era Succession Wars era
Preceded by BattleTech, Second Edition
Followed by BattleTech, Fourth Edition


BattleTech, Third Edition was the successor to the successful 2nd Edition boxed set, appearing seven years later in 1992. The biggest difference was the inclusion of plastic BattleMech miniatures instead of stand-up playing pieces.

From the back cover


A Dark Age has befallen mankind. Where the United Star League once reigned, five successor states now battle for control. War has ravaged the once flourishing Star League worlds and left them in ruins. Technological advancement has not only ceased, but the machines and equipment of the past cannot be produced by present-day worlds. The Succession Wars are fought over water, ancient machines, and spare parts factories. Control of these elements will lead to final victory and the domination of known space.


  • 14 unpainted plastic miniatures (some assembly required) of the most common BattleMechs used in the Inner Sphere
  • Two 22" X 27" full-color mapsheets
  • One 56-page rulebook containing easy-to-use-rules and scenarios that let players begin enjoying BattleTech right away
  • One 16-page book of pregenerated BattleMech Record Sheets
  • Two six-sided dice



  • The 3rd edition was originally released in 1992 in a thin box. The 3rd edition was again released in 1994 in a thicker box, but with the same production code.

Foreign-Language Editions


A French edition was published in 1993 by Jeux Descartes as BattleTech: Combats de titans au XXXIème siècle.


A German edition was published by Fantasy Productions as BattleTech: Kampfkolosse des 4. Jahrtausends 2. Note: Edition numbers slightly differ from that of the original product as the German edition of BattleTech, Second Edition was the first German version of the base game. However the German edition of BattleTech, Fourth Edition would adopt the fourth edition numbering.


A Polish edition was published by Encore in 1993 as Battletech Edycja Polska.


A Portuguese edition was published by Imperium Jogos as BattleTech: Combates Titânicos No Século 31.


A Spanish edition was published by Ediciones Zinco in 1993 as BattleTech: Combate de titanes en el siglo XXXI, tercera versión.