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BattleMech Portal[edit]

Faction Categories[edit]

Inner Sphere 'Mechs[edit]

General Inner Sphere Capellan Confederation ComStar Draconis Combine Federated Suns Free Rasalhague Republic Free Worlds League Lyran Alliance Lyran Commonwealth Republic of the Sphere SLDF 2750 Solarian Word of Blake Unique

Clan 'Mechs[edit]

Blood Spirit Cloud Cobra Coyote Diamond Shark Fire Mandrill General Clan Ghost Bear Goliath Scorpion Hell's Horses Ice Hellion Jade Falcon Nova Cat Snow Raven Star Adder Steel Viper Wolf Wolf-in-Exile Wolverine

Periphery 'Mechs[edit]

Circinus Federation Magistracy of Canopus Marian Hegemony Outworlds Alliance Periphery General Rim Worlds Republic Taurian Concordat

Mercenary 'Mechs[edit]

• Category: Mercenary General BattleMechs Wolf's Dragoons

Alternate Categories[edit]



20 tons 25 tons 30 tons 35 tons


40 tons 45 tons 50 tons 55 tons


60 tons 65 tons 70 tons 75 tons


80 tons 85 tons 90 tons 95 tons 100 tons