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Welcome to the Unfinished Book WikiProject (aka UBWP; aka UBP). The purpose of this project is to fully incorporate the contents of FASA/FanPro/CGL titles into BattleTechWiki, through multiple-Editor collaboration and coordination. See the Current Missions section for the latest discussions.


The Unfinished Book WikiProject (UBWP) intends to choose one book from the extensive 25-year+ library of the BattleTech gaming universe and divide the contents of the book into manageable sections for the inclusion into BattleTechWiki, through the efforts of individual Editors. Once one book is considered fully incorporated into BTW, it will be marked as 'complete' and the project will then move onto another title.

For example, if the book FedCom Civil War was the focus of the Unfinished Book WikiProject, the project would have progressively smaller sections assigned to volunteer Editors, who would work exclusively (in regards to the Project) on that section, incorporating each fact (people, events, dates, names, etc.) into the appropriate articles, until it was completed.

Example Sections:

Countdown to War [completed]
Pre-Flashpoint Battles [in progress]
Nashuar [completed]
Skye [assigned:Member A]
Ko [assigned:Member B]
Imbros III & Yorii [assigned:Member C]
Solaris VII [assigned:Member D]
Robinson [assigned:Member E]
Markab & Dobeval II [unassigned]
War Within the Federated Suns [to be broken down]
War Within the Lyran Alliance [to be broken down]


Various faiths' religious leaders examine a volume of the Unfinished Book

The project is named after the Unfinished Book Movement (UBM), a continuous project from within the Federated Inter-Faith Congress, a Federated Suns council of religious leaders comprised of that state's various faiths. The comparison between the two projects comes from the desire to document all that is known from a library of tomes, as compiled by a disparate group of scholars from all walks of life, interests and philosophies (i.e., the editing staff of BattleTechWiki). Whereas the members of the UBM seek to bring peace to the Inner Sphere through the promulgation of all known spiritual wisdom, the members of UBWP seek to bring knowledge of the BattleTech universe to all of its fans, including themselves.


  • To document each fact presented in the current title of focus,
  • To create new & relevant articles,
  • To expand and update existing articles,
  • To incorporate each fact into BattleTechWiki in a method in sync with the policies of the site,
  • To enlarge the database of knowledge of BattleTechWiki with canon facts from the BattleTech universe,

...and in the process, help to define and refine the policies of the site that help guide article creation and expansion.


See also: News Archive
Mission Jihad Turning Points: Luthien is completed.
The second project, Mission Jihad Turning Points: New Avalon, is started.
The Project has launched, with Jihad Turning Points: Luthien the target of the first mission.
The Project is unveiled; discussions begin regarding the first targeted book.
Project Unfinished Book is under development.

Current Missions[edit]

Current Status: 10.94% complete (09June2021 updated)

Completed Missions[edit]


If you work well in collaborative projects, willing to take instruction and constructive criticism, and are interested in working on the mission of 'Project: Unfinished Book, please contact Project Lead Revanche on his talk page.

Lead Developers[edit]

The Lead Developer generates a list of articles that are relevant to the assignment. They do this by data-mining the target copy for every possible subject that is referenced. If a person, place, vehicle, rank, weapon, food, animal, battle, or any other possible topic for an article is mentioned, the Lead Developer records it on the Articles Links section of the mission assignment.

Research Writers[edit]

Research Writers are the driving force of the project, incorporating the facts of the target copy into BattleTechWiki, either as new articles or added information to existing ones. They should be familiar with the Specific References method for citations and understand Sarna's policies regarding manual of style, such as past-tense writing and page formatting. As they're heading off into the 'wilds' of BTW, they are often correcting mistakes to pre-existing articles, in order to make PUB's efforts more relevant and the article itself more valuable. When they complete a target article, they should tag the discussion page as belonging to Project: Unfinished Book and post the article's link in the Articles Completed section of the mission assignment. (Additional Information)

  1. Revanche

Fact Checkers[edit]

Fact Checkers follow the Research Writers. When the Writer reports that a Lead is completed (by posting it in the Articles Completed section of the mission assignment), the Fact Checker opens the article and reviews it for all facts that were presented in the target copy. Additionally, they should identify any other articles that would benefit from the same facts, but were not directly called out in the target copy. For example: when checking up on an article detailing the facts of a battle that occurred outside a stated city, the Fact Checker would also open the system article for the planet on which that city is located, in order to determine whether or not that battle should or has been recorded within that article as well. If they decide it needs attention, they will notify the Research Writer, whom will take up the task. When an article has been deemed as fact-checked, it is posted in the Articles Reviewed section of the mission assignment.

The Fact Checker could be seen as the Research Writer's 'assignment editor' and 'article grader'.

  1. Revanche

Copy Editors[edit]

Copy Editors double-check the associated articles for the currently assigned book sections, to ensure they each meet BattleTechWiki's Manual of Style. They should also be familiar with the first method of Detailed References for citations, so as to best assist Research Writers choosing to use that method for their assignments. Copy Editors also ensure that each article completed by the Writer has been tagged as belonging to Project: Unfinished Book (on the discussion page). If Fact Checkers are the vanguard of the project and Research Writers the riflemen, Copy Editors are the rear guard, ensuring the project has completed its mission to the best of the team's efforts :

  1. Revanche

Mission Lead[edit]

Mission Leads head up specific missions aimed at one title. They may not lead more than one mission at a time, though they may perform other roles within other missions. They oversee the efforts, provide assignments to the team members and (basically) ensure that the project is moving forward within the goals of Project: Unfinished Book.

  1. Revanche (Mission Jihad Turning Points: New Avalon)

Project Lead[edit]

The Project Lead coordinates the various missions of Project: Unfinished Book, such as determining the next mission, assigning team members to the mission, training new volunteers, and providing guidance to Mission Leads. He also reports to the general population of BattleTechWiki on the status of each project. The current project lead is Revanche.



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  • Place the following tag on articles that can & need to be expanded: {{Stub}}

Relevant Policies[edit]

How to use italics
How to cite references

Articles: Another Look[edit]

Members and non-members alike, the following categories list articles needing peer review (see the template for instructions on how to remove from the category once peer review is complete):