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Thank you for visiting Sarna! You support the site by just being here!

All of the great content you see on and the BattleTechWiki are from the amazing BattleTech community. Make sure to say thanks to the writers and editors when you can, as no one is paid to write any of this content!

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How to Support Sarna

There are many ways you can support Sarna!

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If you'd like to help financially, there are a few ways that help offset the website hosting costs:

Sarna Advertising

The primary way Sarna stays running is by the banner advertising on the website. We're currently running ads from Google AdSense and Freestar.

If you don't want to see the ads, we understand. You can avoid the ads on Sarna in one of two ways:

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Sarna Merch

We offer some Sarna-branded clothing and accessories through the Amazon Merch program. Check out the options below! Each order sends a few bucks our way (we price our items at around $1-$5 above cost).

Most items come in multiple colors (black, white and rainbow) and sizes. Most items should be available in Amazon's .com,, .de, .fr, .it, .es and stores (search for " / BattleTech Wiki").

See the options below (US store links):

iPhone 11 Cases
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Samsung Galaxy Cases
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Direct Financial Support

If you'd like to directly support Sarna, we take PayPal and Bitcoin donations:

Thank you!

Donator Special Thanks

Special thanks to everyone who has made a financial contribution to Sarna!

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