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Common Misspellings

Certain words such as "bibliography" are misspelled hundreds of times on this site. Clean up will be faster if we list the most common misspellings here and have multiple editors (or bots) working on removing them. Pro tip, if you see a distinctive misspelling while editing an article, toss it into the search bar after you are done. Oftentimes you will find several more articles with that same error. Please leave redirects intact. As an aid to those for whom English is a secondary language, the misspelling is on the left, with the word it should be converted to on the right. Don't be afraid to add more words to the list.

  • Defence
  • Focussing
  • Signficant
  • Gruelling
  • Neighbour-->Neighbor (planetary image galleries are full of this misspelling, but fixing it is a large scale problem)
  • Colonise-->Colonize
  • Armour-->Armor
  • Programme
  • Practise-->Practice
  • Specialise-->Specialize
  • Realise-->Realize
  • Organise-->Organize
  • Reorganise-->Reorganize
  • Rumour
  • Centre-->Center
  • Recognise-->Recognize
  • Polarise-->Polarize
  • Favour
  • Calvary (when used to mean Cavalry)
  • Divsion
  • Successfuly
  • Authorise-->Authorize
  • Prision
  • Insigna
  • Stabilise
  • Seige
  • Agresive
  • Batallion
  • Galery
  • Warefare
  • Capitalise-->Capitalize
  • Utilise-->Utilize
  • temporarely-->temporarily
  • Honour-->Honor
  • maneuvre-->maneuver
  • Mechanise-->Mechanize
  • Descibe-->Describe
  • Colour-->Color
  • Duelling-->Dueling
  • Hoover-->Hover

Specific BT terms

  • Guererro-->Guerrero