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BattleTech Legends

This article is about the fiction line. For the art book, see BattleTech: Legends.

BattleTech Legends (often referred to simply as "Legends") is a line of EPUB novels and anthologies, published by Catalyst Game Labs since 2 March 2016.[1] It was created in the wake of CGL resuming the publication of print novels (starting with Embers of War, first sold at Gen Con 2015) to make the classic, out-of-print BattleTech novels available again in electronic format. (Previously, a similar line of EPUB novels had to be canceled and withdrawn for legal reasons, and the electronic copies released through BattleCorps were never put up for sale outside of the subscription.)

After the initial launch, CGL kept working behind the scenes to finalize new contracts with the authors of old, gradually increasing the number of novels offered through the Legends format. Other EPUB formats such as the Blitzkrieg (fiction format) publications, anthologies of various BattleCorps series and EPUB releases of new novels have since been lumped in with the Legends line.


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