Battle for the Imperial Palace (3068)

Battle for the Imperial Palace
Part of Battle of Luthien
Start Date 1 January 3068
End Date same day
Location Sanethia Kurita Parade Grounds
Planet Luthien
Result Black Dragon victory
Commanders and leaders
Tai-sa Li Sak To Tai-sa Kiko Samohira
Forces involved
Second Sword of Light (Black Dragon),
Sathen's Snipers
Second Sword of Light (Loyalists),
Izanagi Warriors,
light urban,
reclaimed forest
early morning

The Battle for the Imperial Palace was a military operation between opposing elements of the Second Sword of Light and their associated support units that took place on 1 January, 3068 within the Sanethia Kurita Parade Grounds on Luthien.[1]



Having secured the loyalist Koe No Ryu's compound the previous week, the Black Dragon Society sought to utilize the propaganda division's assets to highlight the military might they had brought to Luthien. Tai-sa Li Sak To had his Kokuryu-kai-sworn Second Sword of Light assets, minus air support, surround the Imperial Palace during the night of 31st December (New Year's Eve).[1]

1 January 3068

In the short time before dawn, the Black Dragons' Second Sword of Light, supported by elements of Sathen's Snipers, moved onto the Sanethia Kurita Parade Grounds proper and engaged the Loyalist Second Sword of Light, who were assisted by the palace guard, the Otomo and the imperial bodyguards, the Izanagi Warriors. The chaos of the battle made the progress of either side difficult to gauge, until the Black Dragons captured and opened the primary gate complex, allowing their seizure of the Imperial Palace to follow soon after. The palace samurai maintained a strong, but ultimately futile, defensive action that allowed the loyalist Third Luthien Guards to escape. In the final hours of the conflict, Otomo infantry commander Franklin Sakamoto was captured and Griffon Meshune was killed.[1]

When the commanding officer of the Second Sword of Light, Tai-sa Li Sak To, attempted to execute a number of captured members of the Otomo one of his own officers defied him. Chu-i Takiro Hutchinson recognized that Li Sak To's actions were wrong, and in an act of defiance maneuvered his Katana between To's Akuma and the prisoners, preventing him from murdering them in cold blood. To and Hutchinson then fought each other savagely, a battle that polarized the Second Sword of Light and gave the prisoners time to escape. Although many of the prisoners including Franklin Sakamoto were subsequently recaptured they were able to sound the alarm and thereby alert the First Genyosha. Following the battle fragments of the armor from Hutchinson's Katana were carried by the other members of his lance as reminders of their duty to the Dragon.[2]





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