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Battle of Dieudonné (2416)

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Battle of Dieudonné
Part of The Age of War
Start Date 2416
Planet Dieudonné
No changes
Lyran Commonwealth
Free Worlds League

One of the early battles for control of Dieudonné was fought in 2416, when the Lyran Commonwealth tried to seize control of Dieudonné from the Free Worlds League. The response of the Free Worlds League parliament was to recall Peter Marik to service as Captain-General, and the resulting short military campaign saw Peter capture several Lyran border worlds before the 2418 armistice ended the attacks.[1]

The Lyran Commonwealth fails to seize Dieudonne from the Free Worlds League. In retaliation for the attempted seizure, the Mariks capture a few Steiner border worlds, including Rochelle, along with the independent planet of Amity


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