Benjamin (Individual Samarkand-class WarShip)

Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Sarmarkand I
In service since 2579-2581[1]
In service until 2790[2]


The DCS Benjamin was the second-of-class WarShip of the Samarkand-class carrier, launched between 2579 and 2581; in 2581 the Benjamin joined her sister ship and first-of-class vessel the DCS Samarkand on deployment against the Outworlds Alliance military during the Reunification War.[1]

Two more carriers later joined the Benjamin and the Samarkand in service in 2585, the DCS Alshain and the DCS Dieron, and all four ships served throughout the Reunification War, although one had been lost in service by the end of the conflict. The remaining three ships assisted in colonization efforts launched by the Draconis Combine after the war, but would remain the only ships built in the first block of Samarkand production; when Coordinator Urizen Kurita II authorized production of the Samarkand to recommence in 2668, it was at a new build standard.[1]

First Succession War

The Benjamin was a casualty of the First Succession War. One of the WarShips deployed as a part of the massive invasion of the Federated Suns that began in May 2787, the Benjamin was operating in the Bogard system in early 2790 when a battle group composed of roughly fifty Armed Forces of the Federated Suns WarShips and numerous DropShips and aerospace fighter wings arrived. The naval group was under the command of Vice Admiral Marjorie Stone, and was one of two battle groups moving through a series of occupied systems, deliberately targeting Draconis Combine Admiralty ships in an effort to slow down or stop the invasion and remove the relative aerospace superiority the Combine was generating for each planetary assault. The AFFS WarShips destroyed both the Benjamin and two transport JumpShips located in the Bogard system before jumping out a week later to strike at the DeWitt system.[2]


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