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Bernd Robker

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Bernard Craw.jpg
Bernd Robker
(aka Bernard Craw) in 2013
Born 1972
Occupation Novelist
Alias name(s) Bernard Craw
Robert Corvus
User name on Sarna BTW Bernard
BattleTech forum handle Bernard

Bernd Robker is a German fantasy and science fiction author. He penned a number of BattleTech novels under the pen name Bernard Craw.


Born in Bramsche, Germany, in 1972, Bernd Robker studied business informatics and worked as a consultant and project manager, all the while being active as an avid hobby author. His first proper novel was published in 2005, and he has since written numerous novels in various settings including BattleTech and Das Schwarze Auge (as Bernard Craw), as well as Perry Rhodan and stand-alone novels (mainly as Robert Corvus).

His first BattleTech novel, Karma, was published in 2007 by FanPro Germany as the 17th entry in their new line of (mostly) new, original German novels. Although the novel was well-received, the planned follow-ups were postponed indefinitely; FanPro ceased production of new novels after their BattleTech license ran out in the same year.

Robker had the drafts for the next two novels dealing with the Andurien Wars—loosely connected to Karma which can be regarded as the zeroth book in the series—ready when Ulisses Spiele picked up BattleTech in 2011 where FanPro had left off. The novel line was continued, and Präludium and Zorn were published in 2012. Also in 2012 Robker quit his job to become a full-time author.

The Andurien Wars series had a third entry, Gier, published in 2014. Robker said he had additional novels sketched out already.

He featured several BattleTech board game events at German conventions, where fans played scenarios taken from his novels against the author. The overall winner was usually awarded with the scenario map designed for the match, signed by the author.

In his December 2014 newsletter Robker announced that he had begun a large co-authoring project that would preclude him from further projects with Ulisses in the next few years, which presumably means no new BattleTech novels from him will be forthcoming in the foreseeable future.

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