Blood Rain

Blood Rain
Previous Designation(s) 141st Amaris Dragoons Regiment
Nickname The Singapore Longshoremen
Affiliation Pirate
Parent Command N/A

The Blood Rain was a pirate band formed from the remains of the 141st Amaris Dragoons Regiment.


During the Amaris Civil War, the 141st served as a "troubleshooter" unit, moved to hot spots in the Hegemony to suppress loyalist agitation or disloyal elements in the AEAF. The 141st was on Terra during the Coup, assisting the Fourth Amaris Dragoons in neutralizing the Puget Sound by ending resistance at Mount Baker, before being sent to Caph to end SLDF resistance there, and returning to Terra to suppress growing resistance in North America's desert southwest. Throughout the rest of the war until Operation Chieftain, the 141st traveled the Hegemony to deal with such resistance movements. When the SLDF began its Hegemony campaign, the 141st changed its mission to defending against the SLDF's raids and supply runs that struck deep into the Hegemony. When New Home was invaded by the SLDF, the regiment was recalled back to Terra.[1]

In 2778, shortly after the European campaign, the 141st left Terra, with three of its five DropShips surviving the escape, heading rimward. They raided Spica's supply caches and disappeared.[1] Two of its Battalions eventually turned pirate, becoming the band known as Blood Rain.[2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the 141st Amaris Dragoons
Commanding Officers of the Blood Rain



Composition History


The Dragoons had at least one company of Ignis Support Tanks.[3]


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