(Draco Animalis Lopecis)
Creature information
Type Flying reptile
Homeworld Lopez[1]
Environment Subtropical regions[1]
Average mass 720 kg[1]
Average length 2,400 cm[1]
Average height 600 centimeters[1]
Creature stats
System MechWarrior Second Edition[2]/Classic BattleTech Companion[1]
STR 20
BOD 18
RFL 14
Traits ???
Skills ???
Size ???
Armor ???
Attack Fear, Toxic Spit[2]

The Branth[1] is a large, flying reptile native to the planet Lopez.


When humans first explored the world of Lopez, they were amazed by what they found. The branth were "living dragons" straight out of the tales and myths of old Terra. Right down to the large leathery wings, scaled hides, and sharp teeth. Though they lack the flaming breath, they do spit a poisonous substance to which most humans have an allergic reaction.[1]

In addition, these amazing creatures can be tamed and trained to carry one or two riders into the air. Some are trained as show animals performing spectacular flights or acting as "dragons" in various holovid productions. Those that keep trained branths make sure to restrict contact to specially trained keepers. While they may be tame, their sheer size and strength make them quite dangerous. Branths can inflict heavy damage on people and even light BattleMechs.[2] An angered branth can be deadly.

Many attempts have been made to export the branth to other worlds, but they cannot survive off world due to their high susceptibility to disease. By 3067 however various immune system boosters were available to branth handlers, and exported branth became more likely to survive.[3] Despite this, branth often didn't survive off Lopez.[4]

A conservationist group, the BranthKeepers, dedicates itself to the protection of the branths and their environment.

Usually branth are encountered alone, with larger groups limited to a mated pair and newborns. After a year, the young branth are on their own and the family unit breaks up into their solitary animals.[2]

Branth are occasionally used as mounts for infantry units.[5] The Branth Irregulars are one example of such Aerial Beast Infantry.


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