Bright Star Auto Scout

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This article is about the automated exploration JumpShip. For other uses, see Bright Star (disambiguation).
Bright Star Automated Scout
Production information
Manufacturer Ulsop Robotics
Use Exploration Unit
Tech Base Inner Sphere (Experimental)
Introduced 2539 [1]
Technical specifications
Mass 60,000 tons
Length 124 meters
Sail Diameter 890 meters
Fuel 150 tons (1,500 points)
Burn Rate 0.977
Top Thrust 0.1 G
Sail Integrity 3
KF Drive Integrity 3
LF Battery
Armament N/A
Armor 32.5 tons
DropShip Capacity None
Crew None
Grav Decks None
Escape Pods/Life Boats 1/0
Heat Sinks 82
Structural Integrity 1
BV (1.0) ??
BV (2.0) ??


Developed by preeminent robotics manufacturer Ulsop Robotics, the Bright Star Automated Scout was intended to fully automate the task of exploring and charting distant star systems, a task which had cost the lives of many crew during the Star League era alone. It was theorized that a machine could complete this task much quicker and more safely than a manned exploration JumpShip.[1]

However, during the first voyage without an escort, the prototype left its planned ten-jump course and exited known space, with the final sighting at New Samarkand. While other sightings of the craft have been reported since, none have been confirmed and it is generally assumed the craft is no longer functional after half a millennium.[1]


The Bright Star has two bays, one with a capacity for two small craft intended for use by maintenance personnel, and a second with a 123.5 ton cargo capacity.[1]

Design Quirks[edit]

The Bright Star Auto Scout is subject to the following Design Quirk:[1]


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