Brotherhood of Cincinnatus

Brotherhood of Cincinnatus
Organization Profile
TypePolitical Group
Founded2889[citation needed]
Dissolved3104[citation needed]
Parent OrganizationLyran Commonwealth


The Brotherhood of Cincinnatus is a group of Lyran Commonwealth citizens that, though initially formed in 2889 as a relatively innocuous veterans group, has evolved into a "watchdog" group that mixes the flag-waving patriotism of veterans with an almost obsessive belief in obtaining and maintaining the "purity" of the Lyran realm. The group's beliefs stem from the end of the Third Succession War when Lyran military successes were more numerous than their defeats, and calls into open question those that do not believe 100% in Lyran supremacy, up to and including the Archon him/herself. This blatant nationalism landed them in trouble in the 3020s and '30s when a series of terrorist bombings aimed at supporters of Archon Katrina Steiner (who had, in their eyes, illegally ousted Alessandro Steiner from power and stolen defeat from the jaws of victory with her famous peace proposal to the other House Lords) were linked to them, resulting in censure by the government and a dramatic drop in membership and political influence.

The group was courted by Alessandro Steiner, Frederick Steiner, and Aldo Lestrade when the FedCom Accords were made public.[1]

In 3024 the Brotherhood also attempted to assassinate Olivia Fenlon, who was the Federated Suns Minister of Foreign Relations, during her visit to the Lyran Commonwealth.[2]

Currently, the Brotherhood operates in a cell-type organization, a result of their need to stay out of the public light following the embarrassment of earlier years. Viewing the alignment with House Davion as a grave mistake, a large number of members started to come out of hiding when the Lyran half of the Federated Commonwealth seceded and formed the Lyran Alliance. However, the group never fully threw its weight behind Katherine Steiner-Davion nor Peter Steiner-Davion, viewing the entire Steiner-Davion line as a stain on an otherwise pure Steiner legacy. It is known that the Brotherhood had a hand in the removal of Peter from the Archonship in the mid-3070s, although the exact role is unknown, in order to place Adam Steiner on the throne in his place. Their duplicity was eventually discovered and Adam had the order completely purged as a result.

In 3098 the Brotherhood made an assassination attempt on Hanse Steiner, Adam Steiner's cousin. Two years later Adam released information gathered by the LIC to the Lyran people, and called for their help "digging out the rot at the core of our realm." Between 3100 and 3104, the Brotherhood engaged in intermittent fights with the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces, and were eventually forced out of the Commonwealth. Adam Steiner personally led the assault on their last location.[3] The Brotherhood's final stand took place in a fortified position on Gacrux. They were eventually killed by members of the LCAF's First Royal Guards.[4]


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