Capellan Crusades

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The Capellan Crusades were a major conflict in the

Operation Brief[edit]

The Night of Screams[edit]

Unleashing the dogs of War[edit]

Awakening the beast[edit]

On the Rampage[edit]

Legends fail[edit]

With Sarna lost, Daoshen focused his efforts on stopping Kai's thrust toward the heart of the Confederation. The Strategios predicted Wei would be Kai's next target, so Daoshen pulled troops from other fronts, ensuring Warrior House Kamata, the Fifth and Sixth CRC and the Fourth MAC would be waiting for his cousin.

Gods ascend[edit]

The Liao Linchpin[edit]

Following Sun-Tzu Liao's battlefield defeat, the Capellan troops of Liao fought in a manner previously unseen during the long campaign for the planet.

On 2 June, the Capellan commanders of Liao received word that Devlin Stone and Daoshen Liao had signed the Sarna armistice. Although Daoshen had wished to pursue the war, counsel from the Strategios convinced him that the CCAF's losses during the conflict, especially Liao, would only serve to bankrupt the nation's defensive capability if the war continued.

Furious over the campaign's outcome, Daoshen swore to one day take revenge on the Republic. He blamed the war's failure not on the performance of his troops, but on his mother Naomi depriving the Confederation of the Magistracy's military support before the commencement of hostilities. Rebuilding the CCAF and securing MAF support for a third invasion of the Republic of the Sphere would take Daoshen the better part of two decades.[1]

Consequences of the war[edit]

Victory for the Republic was only possible because they were fighting a single enemy on a single front. Even then it was a hard-fought victory. The fires of the war never extinguished totally: Daoshen Liao never disarmed all his armies, stockpiling weapons and BattleMechs in secret, waiting for his chance to strike again. The civilian unrest on Liao never ceased, with pro-Capellan cells on the planet conspiring and striking again. Still worse, Sun-Tzu's sacrifice birthed a cult who worship him as a god.

Barely twenty years later, after Black Monday, the Republic divided in factions, and the Clans and Inner Sphere states started to conquer planets of the republic, and the first one was, of course, the Capellan Confederation.


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