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Character Profile
Died May 3052
Affiliation Clan Jade Falcon
Profession Aerospace pilot

Carlos was a Clan Jade Falcon aerospace fighter pilot during Operation REVIVAL.[1]


Prior to the Battle of Tukayyid, Carlos served in Trinary Charlie of the Gyrfalcon Eyrie Cluster within Clan Jade Falcon's Delta Galaxy under Galaxy Commander Samantha Clees.[1]

Carlos was killed during garrison duty in the Jade Falcon Occupation Zone in May 3050.[2]

Aerospace Fighter[edit]

Carlos piloted a Lucifer aerospace fighter.[1]


  • Per Jade Falcon Sourcebook, Carlos was described as piloting a Lucifer aerospace fighter, a machine usually associated with Inner Sphere units and not the Clans. It is more likely that Carlos was piloting a Star League era or potentially a Clan second line fighter. However, as most Clan second line fighters were published after Jade Falcon Sourcebook and there are no other sources confirming the type of fighter that was piloted, this article is written to show the machine as originally specified.


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