Chalice Hunter

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Chalice hunter.png
Chalice Hunter
(Deinonychus Camlannensis)
Creature information
Type Reptile
Homeworld Camlann (FWL)
Environment Plains
Average mass 210 kg
Average length 110 cm
Average height 80 cm

The Chalice Hunter is a reptile found on the world of Camlann within the Free Worlds League.[1]


Despite being only a meter in length, the chalice hunter is a highly efficient killing machine. It has demonstrated formidable intelligence and social cooperation as part of a pack. With their speed, talons and razor-sharp teeth, a group of chalice hunters can engage larger animals with little fear. Also, the species is completely unafraid of humans. They will usually withdrawal from large groups or from those who demonstrate strength. But, if caught alone or in a weak position, the chalice hunters will attack.

The ferociousness of these creatures has forced the local government to put out bounties for chalice hunter pelts. Fortunately, most urban areas are free from chalice hunter predation. In less populated areas, they are still a danger. Some conservationists worry that the over hunting of the species will lead to its extinction except in wildlife preserves. Few native Camlanns would mourn the loss if that were to occur.[1]


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