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Shortly after Operation Klondike, Phillip Drummond was forced to step down from the position of Khan.  With the charge he was no longer able to perform his duties as Khan, [[Sandra Rosse]], Phillip's daughter, challenged him to a [[Trial of Grievance]].  Phillip voluntarilly stepped down and Sandra Rosse was made Khan.   
Shortly after Operation Klondike, Phillip Drummond was forced to step down from the position of Khan.  With the charge he was no longer able to perform his duties as Khan, [[Sandra Rosse]], Phillip's daughter, challenged him to a [[Trial of Grievance]].  Phillip voluntarilly stepped down and Sandra Rosse was made Khan.   
Sandra Rosse's reign as Khan would prove short.  However, she implemented many policies that have shaped permanently shaped the Nova Cats.  After Sandra Rosse' death in the wake of the [[Clan Wolverine Annihilation]], Phillip Drummond resumed the position of Khan. He would lead the Nova Cats well into the Golden Century.
Sandra Rosse's reign as Khan would prove short.  However, she implemented many policies that have permanently shaped the Nova Cats.  After Sandra Rosse' death in the wake of the [[Clan Wolverine Annihilation]], Phillip Drummond resumed the position of Khan. He would lead the Nova Cats well into the Golden Century.
===Golden Century===
===Golden Century===

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Clan Nova Cat Logo
Clan Nova Cat
Faction Profile
Time period: 2810-Present
Classification: Abjured Clan
Controlled systems: 14
Capital world: New Barcella, Irece
Ruler title: Khan
Military: Clan Nova Cat Touman
Secret Service: The Watch

Now a Warden Clan, the Nova Cats are known for their mystic ways and are governed by visions. Abjured by the other Clans for their support of the Inner Sphere, they currently govern worlds inside the Draconis Combine with the blessing of the Combine leadership.

Fact Sheet[1]

  • Founding Year: 2810 (initial Clan founding), 3060 (abjured from Clans, resettled in Irece region)
  • Capital (City, World): New Barcella, Irece (Draconis Combine)
  • National Symbol: A snarling, black nova cat, superimposed on a Cameron Star
  • Location (Terra relative): Central region, Combine border with Rasalhague Dominion, Coreward
  • Total (Inhabited) Systems: 13
  • Estimated Population (3130): 12,040,000,000
  • Government: Clan (Caste-driven, warrior-dominant hierarchy)
  • Ruler: Khan Jacali Nostra
  • Dominant Language(s): English (official)
  • Dominant Religion(s): See Volume XXXIX for an explanation of Nova Cat spirituality, Shinto and Buddhism also supported.
  • Unit of Currency: Ryu (1 ryu = 0.94 C-Bills)



Clan (Caste Driven, Warrior dominant hierarchy)[2]
New Barcella, Irece[2]
Socialist Market[3]
Combine Ryu[2]
C-Bill Exhange Rate
4 to 1[2]
Dominant Language
English (Official)[2]
Dominant Religion
None (Nova Cat Mysticism)[2]
Center of Innovation
Scientist Caste[4]
Major Military Academies
Clan Sibko System[4]
Major Naval Academies
Clan Sibko System [5]



The Nova Cats currently occupy the Irece Prefecture, a swath of worlds in the Draconis Combine's Pesht Military District. The Nova Cats have been granted control of these planets in exchange for a pledge to support the Draconis Combine if attacked.


The Nova Cats have control over several manufacturing centers. While not close to the level of production they once enjoyed, these facilites grant the Nova Cats some level of self-sufficiency.

Facility Planet Production
Avon Alpha Avon Huntsman
Barcella Battle Armor Facility Irece Clan Battle Armor
Barcella Beta Irece Shadow Cat, Shoden
Irece Alpha Irece Conjurer, Griffin IIC, Jenner IIC, Huntsman, Nova Cat, Ocelot, Supernova
LAW-Barcella Irece SM1 Tank Destroyer
Matabushi Incorporated Avon Overlord, Union

Additionally, the Nova Cats have recently been granted ownership of an unnamed facility on Coudoux. Constructed by Luthien Armor Works through duplicitous means, the Nova Cats were given ownership after LAW's illegal act was discovered.[6]




The Nova Cats were one of the original twenty Clans founded by Nicholas Kerensky in the wake of the Pentagon Civil Wars. The Dagda Nova Cat, known for its protective mane of poisonous quills, was chosen as the emblem for this Clan, as Kerensky appreciated its always alert readiness toward danger.

Of its twenty founding Warriors, Phillip Drummond was chosen as Clan Nova Cat's first Khan. He forged the Nova Cats into a potent fighting force in readiness for the invasion of the Pentagon Worlds. Anna, Phillip's wife and herself an important founder of the Cats, would become leader of their Merchant Caste.

Operation Klondike

For Operation Klondike, Clan Nova Cat was chosen to invade the Pentagon World of Circe along with Clan Mongoose, Clan Snow Raven, and Clan Wolverine. Khan Phillip Drummond's knowledge of Circe's terrain made the Nova Cat's a natural choice for this campaign, and his leadership helped the Nova Cats maintain a strategic, as well as technological advantage over their opponents during the campaign. It was during the Circe campaign that the Nova Cat tendency toward marksmanship first made itself present.

Post Klondike

Shortly after Operation Klondike, Phillip Drummond was forced to step down from the position of Khan. With the charge he was no longer able to perform his duties as Khan, Sandra Rosse, Phillip's daughter, challenged him to a Trial of Grievance. Phillip voluntarilly stepped down and Sandra Rosse was made Khan.

Sandra Rosse's reign as Khan would prove short. However, she implemented many policies that have permanently shaped the Nova Cats. After Sandra Rosse' death in the wake of the Clan Wolverine Annihilation, Phillip Drummond resumed the position of Khan. He would lead the Nova Cats well into the Golden Century.

Golden Century

Scientific Overview

The Clans made numerous scientific advances during the Golden Century, with the Nova Cats proving no exception. Their scientist caste perfected ER Laser technology. Combined with their skill with accuracy, this gave the Nova Cats an unmatched combat force until this technology had spread through the rest of the Clans. The Nova Cats maintain a preference toward energy weapon based designs to this day.

Economic Overview

More impressive then their scientific achievments were their economic ones. Thanks to the polices set in place by their earlier Khans, Clan Nova Cat merchants were given an unmatched degree of freedom compared to most Clans. This resulted in Clan Nova Cat becoming an economic powerhouse among the Clans.

It was during this time that Clan Nova Cat merchants reintroduced the concept of 'Futures Trading' among the Clans. After stockpiling certain materials and equipment, they approached Clan Sea Fox, one of the Clans most involved in exploring and exploiting their surrounding territories. Clan Nova Cat offered to supply Clan Sea Fox with all the material it needed to use these worlds, and in return the Nova Cats would receive a percentage of the results. While initially suspicious, the Sea Foxes agreed to the deal and both Clans reaped the rewards. Clan Sea Fox was able to gain more resources then any one Clan would have been able to by itself, while Clan Nova Cat managed to achieve necessary raw material and other essentials at a relatively small cost and effort.

Political Overview

Crusader Movement

The Golden Century was the birth of the Crusader and Warden movements. The Nova Cats, supported by their Merchant caste's readiness to exploit new worlds, fell solidly into the Crusader camp. While firm Crusaders, the Nova Cats felt that only a Nova Cat ilKhan could properly lead an invasion of the Inner Sphere and did not trust any other Clan's leadership as they lacked the necessary spiritual guidance. When Clan Ghost Bear Khan Nadia Winston tried to force the issue in 3000, the Nova Cat Khan Severen Lerous and SaKhan Lucian Carns voted in favor of the creation of the reconnaissance unit that would become known as Wolf's Dragoons. A similar invasion proposal by Khan Leo Showers, years later, was also voted against by the Nova Cat Khans. It was only after a second proposal by Khan Showers, bolstered by evidence taken from the Comstar ship Outbound Light, that the Nova Cat Khans would support the invasion.

Other Developments

Thanks to the joint ventures between the two Clans, the Merchant Castes of Clan Nova Cat and Clan Diamond Shark developed a close working condition during the Golden Century. While never formally allies, the two Clans would continue to work together toward mutually beneficial arrangements to this day.

Clan Invasion


During the Trials to determine the three Clans who would invade the IS with Clan Wolf, and the one Reserve Clan, Clan Nova Cat placed 5th, just behind Clan Steel Viper. The Nova Cats, along with the Diamond Sharks challenged the Grand Council to a Trial of Refusal. Their victory would ensure those two Clans would be next in line to invade, if deemed necessary. Additionally, it allowed a small contingent of Nova Cats to participate in minor actions during the initial invasion.

While Oathmaster Biccon Winters voiced misgivings, Khans Severen Leroux and Lucian Carns made preparations with the Merchant caste to create a steady supply line. Thanks to Biccon Winters' visions, they knew the Nova Cats would soon join the other invading Clans in the Inner Sphere.

While not a major part of the initial invasion, elements of the Nova Cat Keshik were allowed to aid Clan Wolf in their invasion of the Periphery world of Drask's Den. Khans Leroux and Carns celebrated the victory, ignoring further warnings from their Oathmaster, The rest of the periphery fell just as quickly as Drask's Den and contact was soon established with ComStar.

Due to their limited role in the invasion, Clan Nova Cat was chosen to be the escort to ComStar ambassador Precentor Martial Anastasius Focht, transporting him to the Clan flagship Dire Wolf via the True Vision. Oathmaster Biccon Winters, seeing Focht as a threat, attacked the Precentor Martial, and only conceded when she a lost a Trial of Refusal to SaKhan Lucian Carns. The Clans would go on to ally with ComStar in a limited role.

Clan Nova Cat took many lesson from the initial invasion. Chief among these were the importance of secure supply lines. An offer to supply the invading clans with supplies from Clan Nova Cats already established supply lines was soundly rejected by all involved. Additionally, the Nova Cats contrasted the reactions of occupied planets to the planets treatment by their new masters.

Forbidden by ilKhan Leo Showers to participate in any more combatpast the second wave, the Nova Cat Khans were content to travel with Clan Wolf and simpy observe. They were impressed with Clan Wolf's progress compared to the other Clans, and admired Khan Ulric Kerensky's tactical abilities, innovativeness, and personal integrity. This would have later ramifications.

When Tyra Miraborg's fighter crashed into the Dire Wolf, killing ilKhan Showers, the Nova Cat Khans voted to return to Strana Mechty to choose a new ilKhan. Sickened by the other invading Clans attempt to blame Ulric Kerensky for ilKhan Shower's death, and further vowing to oppose any policy set by the Smoke Jaguars, the Nova Cats voted a resounding no against this measure. On the other hand, a measure to vote Ulric Kerensky into the position of ilKhan was supported by the Nova Cats. This was due to their respect for Kerensky rather then the other Crusader's attempts to hobble Clan Wolf's leadership.

Ulric Kerensky was voted in as ilKhan and activated Clan Steel Viper and Clan Nova Cat as invasion clans. While this news pleased the Nova Cats, this was soon mellowed by the fact they would share a corridor with their traditional rivals the Smoke Jaguars. Rather then allow their commanders to bid, the Nova Cat leaders chose their Alpha Galaxy and Delta Galaxy as their main invasion force, with Beta Galaxy standing by to act as reserve and to attack Smoke Jaguar held planets.

Wave 5

Initial Moves

The initial steps taken by Clan Nova Cat were ones of pacification. As part of the process of sharing their invasion corridor, Clan Smoke Jaguar ceded the worlds of Bjarred, Chupadero, Jeanette, Sawyer, and Tarnby to the Nova Cats. Additionally, a narrowly won Trial of Possession won them the world of Courchevel. While the Nova Cats had planned a quick sweep through the planets to enforce their control, years of Smoke Jaguar mismanagement led to worlds filled with discontent rebels with plenty of anti-Clan experience. Rather then repeat the Smoke Jaguar's mistakes, Nova Cat spent several weeks rounding up goverment leaders and negotiating a more amicable relationship. For the most part, the civilians of these captured worlds were content with Nova Cat control, compared to the more brutal hands of Clan Smoke Jaguar.

During this time, the Nova Cats applied a modified form of Clan Wolf's Logistical Augmentation Program. Members of Clan Nova Cat's Merchant and Technician castes worked with the civilians of their garrisoned worlds, to find and jury rig necessary supplies.


Both Clan Smoke Jaguar and Clan Nova Cat lay their sights on the world of Avon. While the Nova Cats initially planned to claim the planet for themselves, the Smoke Jaguars suggested a joint attack to limit the waste of resources. ilKhan Kerensky favored the Smoke Jaguar proposal and convinced the Nova Cat leaders to accept. Elements of both Clan Smoke Jaguar and Clan Nova Cat would go on to defeat the 2nd Amphigean Light Assault Group to gain control of this valuable world.


At the same time as the invasion of Avon, Clan Nova Cat's Beta Galaxy would invade Irece. An important factory world, Irece was the last functional Land Air 'Mech production site. Defended by the 18th Dieron Regulars, the Battle of Irece proved to be a bloody affair. In the end, Clan Nova Cat managed to take the world, and its LAM factory, relatively intact.


Main article: Battle of Luthien

A joint attack by Clan Nova Cat and Smoke Jaguar, the battle of Luthien ended up being a failure for both Clans. Of the two Galaxies Clan Nova Cat contributed to the attack, they lost sixty percent of their commited forces on the attack. Delta Galaxy would be disbanded and its remaining forces incorporated into Alpha Galaxy.

Other Gains

With Alpha and Delta galaxies heavily damaged during the fighting on Luthien, Beta was the only force readilly available to continue the Nova Cat's drive to Terra. Splitting up into smaller groups, the better to thin out defending Combine forces, Beta galaxy would wind up captured Itabaiana, Juazeiro, and Mualang in the space of 25 days. Beta would go on to capture Cyrenaica.

A reconstituted Alpha Galaxy would to hit Teniente and Caripare, capturing these worlds from their Combine defenders. A Smoke Jaguar Trial of Possession for the world of Caripare would result in another world being under joint control of both forces. Kanowit too, eventually fell to the Nova Cats, although this would prove to be another hard fought battle for Alpha Galaxy.

Further gains would be halted by the Battle of Tukayyid


Clan Nova Cat's performance was ruled a loss. While they had inflicted more damage on the ComGuard defender then any other Clan, they failed to take any of their objectives. Clan Nova Cat's Alpha and Beta Galaxies, as well as the newly introduced Gamma Galaxy, were effectively shattered.



The invasion effectively over, Clan Nova Cat was left to lick its wounds. Its touman seriously depleted, and their means for offensive operations curtailed, the Nova Cats would concentrate on rebuilding and reinforcing their forces in the Inner Sphere. This would include building up the infrastructure to produce Clan equipment in the Inner Sphere.

Following the advice of their Oathmaster, the Nova Cats opened up a dialogue with the Draconis Combine. During the invasion, the Nova Cats were impressed with the Combine's warrior spirit and with the similarities in warrior philosophy. Informally coming to an agreement, both the Draconis Combine and Nova Cats would concentrate their raids on the Smoke Jaguars. These talks would later have future repercussions

Clan Nova Cat Emblem (Post Abjuration)

Operation Bulldog and the Great Refusal

In 3058, Inner Sphere leaders cooperated to form what would become known as the Second Star League. While the other Clans saw this new Star League as a sham, the Nova Cats saw it as fulfilment of destiny.

The Second Star League decided that the complete elimination of a Clan was necessary to end the war between the Inner Sphere and Clans. Due in part to the Nova Cat talks with the Draconis Combine, the new Star League decided that this target Clan would be Clan Smoke Jaguar. This operation was known as Operation Bulldog. In a series of mock trials, Clan Nova Cat forces would become abtakha to the Star League forces and themselves join in the fight against the Smoke Jaguars.

In 3060, with the goal of removing the Smoke Jaguars complete, the Star League would issue a Trial of Refusal against the entire Clan invasion. Now called the Great Refusal, it pitted the best of the Inner Sphere forces against the might of the Crusader Clans. To the surprise of everybody, the Clan Nova Cat Khans fought directly on the side of the Inner Sphere rather the sit on the sidelines with the other Warden Clans. Clan Nova Cat forces, lead by their two Khans, defeated Clan Ice Hellion to secure another victory for the Inner Sphere, at the cost of the lives of Khan Severen Leroux and saKhan Lucian Carns. While the Inner Sphere won the Great Refusal, this did not shield the Nova Cats from retribution.


During the subsequent Grand Council meeting, Clan Star Adder called for a Trial of Annihilation against the Nova Cats. While this was voted down by the Warden Clans, a subsequent call for the Nova Cat's abjuration passed without contest. The Nova Cats were given three months to vacate their holdings in the Home Worlds.

Many of the Crusader Clans attacked prematurely, catching Nova Cat forces off guard. In a series of deperate holding actions, Nova Cat forces held off attacking Crusader forces to allow time for their civilian castes to escape. While several Clans, notably Clan Diamond Shark and Clan Snow Raven, would help in the evacuation, the Nova Cats were mostly left to fend for themselves. Less then three clusters of troops would manage to escape the Homeworlds and reach the Nova Cat's Inner Sphere holdings, but their actions allowed numerous civilians to survive.

In the Inner Sphere, the Nova Cats were granted control of the Irece Prefecture by the Draconis Combine. In exchange for helping to defend the Draconis Combine against attack, they would be allowed to govern these planets in the Combine's name. Once again, the Nova Cats would be forced to rebuild, this time with the open support of the Draconis Combine.

To show their support of the Inner Sphere and new Star League, the Nova Cats would adopt a new symbol incorporating the Cameron Star

Combine-Ghost Bear War

Spurred into action by the attack of the rogue Alshain Avengers, Clan Ghost Bear invaded the Draconis Combine in 3062. Clan Nova Cat would serve a vital part in this war, helping to drive the war into a ceasefire and giving their lives for the Draconis Combine. Clan Ghost Bear would refuse the rights of Zellbringen to the Nova Cats during this conflict, promoting feelings of resentment toward the Ghost Bears.

Following the Combine-Ghost Bear war, the Draconis Combine and Nova Cats would undertake joint exercises to foster continued good will. In 3065 and 3067, several units would be assigned, temporarily, to the command of the other.

Naval Battle of Alshain

Resentment against the Ghost Bears would culminate in the largest naval battle to occur since the early Succession Wars. With the goal of restoring their honor and eliminating the Ghost Bear fleet, elements of the Nova Cat's naval fleet challenged Clan Ghost Bear to a Trial of Possession on 08 May, 3067, for the Leviathan class WarsShip, Rasalhague.Cite error: Invalid <ref> tag; invalid names, e.g. too many

While Clan Ghost Bear defenders initially refused the batchall, fighting the Nova Cat forces without honor, a second batchall was accepted. While the Ghost Bears won this trial, their naval fleet suffered heavy losses. The Nova Cats lost seven of their own vessels, but had forced the Ghost Bears to fight them honorably and salved their own pride in the process.


The dissolution of the Second Star League would shatter the Nova Cats resolve. Confused by the turn of events, Clan Nova Cat would remain inactive during the early phases of the Jihad as they debated their future actions. At some point during this time, they would revert back to the use of their original Clan Nova Cat symbol.

The Clan fought the Word of Blake with combined arms on 21 August, 3072, in the Nagasaki community zone, within the Crane district, on Luthien.[7]

The Nova Cats would end up being the first Clan to heed the call of Devlin Stone. Flocking to his banner, Clan Nova Cat would help the rest of the Inner Sphere throw off the Word of Blank's rule. Following the end of the Jihad, and the birth of the Republic of the Sphere, the Nova Cat's Delta Galaxy would settle in the Republic's borders.

Clan Nova Cat Emblem
(Dark Age Era‎)

The Republic and the Dark Age

In the late 3090's, events set in motion by the Second Combine-Dominion War would result in Clan Nova Cat losing control of the Irece Prefecture. Draconis Combine troops would defend these worlds directly. Clan Nova Cat would continue to exist in enclaves on the worlds they formally governed. While still beholden to provide for the defense of the Combine, these 'reservations' would remain under the control of Clan Nova Cat and include their population centers and industry.

In 3132, the Blackout would result in Delta Galaxy complete breaking away from Clan Nova Cat, forming the Spirit Cats. When Spirit Cat leader Kev Rosse was killed, a significant number of Spirit Cats would formally rejoin Clan Nova Cat.

Under the leadership of Khan Jacali Nostra, the Nova Cats would eventually commit troops to Warlord Katana Tormark in her mission to recapture the Dieron prefecture.

In 3137, Chomie Kurita would fake her death in the wake of assassination, and secretly seek asylum with the Nova Cats. This would lead the Nova Cats to support Chomie and Katana Tormark against Yori Kurita during the Draconis Combine Civil War.


See also: Clans#Culture

The Nova Cats originated as one of the twenty Clans spawned by Kerensky. Now Abjured, they still tend to follow the beliefs and practices followed by the other Clans. However, they do share notable differences with the other Clans.


While technically atheistic, the Nova Cats follow a spiritual way of life that has many religious overtones. Known as Nova Cat Mysticism, this way of life is heavily influenced by ritual and visions. While not an official, government sponsored religion, Nova Cat Mysticism is wide spread throughout the Clan and entrenched in the Warrior Caste.

The position of Oathmaster retains its original goal in the Nova Cats. It has also taken on a guiding role among the Cats, and the visions of the Oathmaster continue to help shape Nova Cat decision making and policy.


While Abjured among the Clans in general, the Nova Cats still maintain the tradition of Bloodnames.

General Bloodnames
Aerospace Pilots

Treatment of the Lower Castes

The Nova Cat Merchant Caste is granted a degree of independence unknown in most other Clans. Allowed to operate freely, the Merchant Caste contributed much to the Nova Cats power before their abjuration. Post-Abjuration, they remain an important fixture in Nova Cat society. The Nova Cat merchant fleet maintains a large number of Carrack class warships modified for Merchant use.

The Nova Cats treat their other lower castes in a manner described as 'fair-handed.'

Crusader vs Warden

Traditionally, the Nova Cats fell into the group known as the Crusader Clans. Interpreting visions that pointed to their inevitable presence in the Inner Sphere, and goaded on by a profit seeking Merchant Caste, the Nova Cats felt that retaking the Inner Sphere was part of their destiny.

Post-Tukkayid, this attitude started to change. Under the guidance of Biccon Winters, the Nova Cats drifted to a more Warden based position. This culminated in the Nova Cats siding with the Inner Sphere during the Great Refusal and they are now fully considered a Warden Clan.

Nova Cat Holidays

The Nova Cats celebrate certain holidays unique to them.

May 1 - Homecoming Day
Celebrates Clan Nova Cat joining the Inner Sphere as fellow citizens rather then as invaders.


Main article: Clan Nova Cat Touman

Clan Nova Cat's touman remains in a state a flux. Hampered by resource shortages, front line Galaxies are increasingly replacing losses with non-Omnimech Clan designs, mothballed Star League Defense Force units, and even Inner Sphere units. The Nova Cats still maintain standard Clan rank and unit structure, even if unit composition is less uniform then it has been in the past.


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