Claudia Cameron-Davis

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Claudia Cameron-Davis
Character Profile
Affiliation House Cameron
Profession Director of Outworlds Alliance Affairs

Lady Claudia Cameron-Davis was the first person to hold the office of Director of Outworlds Alliance Affairs after the forced incorporation of the Outworlds Alliance into the Star League in August 2585.


Cameron-Davis was appointed to the office of Director of Outworlds Alliance Affairs by First Lord Ian Cameron's Periphery Privy Council in August 2585 and entrusted with the Star League efforts to rebuild the ravaged Alliance and its government.[1]

Cameron-Davis had served previously as one of the senior administration staff responsible for keeping the SLDF Outworlds Alliance Task Force supplied, and had visited the Task Force Headquarters frequently, dealing with both Major General Franklin Barnex and his predecessor, General Amos Forlough. This had made Cameron-Davis fully aware of the political and military interference the SLDF campaign had suffered as a result of the machinations of First Prince Alexander Davion and instilled a deep antipathy in Cameron-Davis for both the Federated Suns and its ruler.[1]

It was inevitable that as soon as Cameron-Davis arrived on Alpheratz to take up office she would begin clashing with the Duke Anton Reitz, the administrator appointed by Prince Davion to administer the worlds seceded to the Federated Suns as a part of the Treaty of Cerberus. Cameron-Davis also clashed immediately with the Alliance President, Grigori Avellar, as her vision for the future of the Alliance didn't include the Avellar family. Cameron-Davis began by establishing the Outworlds Alliance Army of Occupation, using V Corps as the bulk of the Army, placing garrisons on every Alliance world. Cameron-Davis then ordered the immediate disarmament of the Outworlds Alliance Militia, citing isolated incidents of terrorism as being indicators of a coordinated effort on the part of the Alliance military to destroy the Army. Her orders were rescinded by General Barnex, who then went on to put in place measures to block any further attempts to use the SLDF as a political tool.[1]

What Cameron-Davis couldn't achieve by force of arms, she attempted to achieve by financial means. As she was in control of the billions of Star League dollars pouring into the Outworlds Alliance as aid, she chose to direct the bulk of the funds to a combination of her own pet projects and those worlds occupied by the Draconis Combine, blocking money from reaching the remaining Alliance worlds and those administered by the Federated Suns. Both Avellar and Davion objected, but to little effect as the First Lord was focused on other matters; Avellar bitterly fought against Cameron-Davis' efforts using every means at his disposal while Cameron-Davis continued to pour money into such programs as building schools with an overtly pro–Terran Hegemony curriculum that was barely more than propaganda. While Star League and Combine occupation forces flouted the laws of both the Alliance and the Star League flagrantly without reprisal from Cameron-Davis, Avellar's health declined.[1]

Cameron-Davis' downfall was the investigation by the Star League Department of the Attorney General into the entirely true allegations that Cameron-Davis' subordinates were conspiring with Combine businesses and DCMS officers to sell materials and services to Alliance worlds that had been paid for with Star League money. The blatant profiteering resulted in scores of prosecutions, and the First Lord removed Cameron-Davis from office less than two years after her initial appointment, replacing her with Frederick Kiryukin, but not before a fourth heart attack brought on by the stress of four years of warfare and two years of battling Cameron-Davis claimed the life of Grigori Avellar.[1]

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Director of Outworlds Alliance Affairs
September 2585 - June 2587

Succeeded by
Frederick Kiryukin


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