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Cockatrice Monitor Platform
Production information
Production Year 3062[1]
Use Monitor[2]
Type Spheroid
Tech Base Inner Sphere (Experimental)
Technical specifications
Mass 800 tons
Structural Integrity 15
Length 35 meters
Width 35 meters
Height meters
Safe Thrust 1
Max Thrust 2
Fuel (tons) 10
Fuel (days)
Armor 41 tons Heavy Ferro-Aluminum
Crew 0
Passengers 0
Heat Sinks 68 Double Heat Sinks
BV (2.0) 4428[2]


The Cockatrice monitor platform formed the core of the Word of Blake's fixed SDS defenses. Though technicians originally intended to put the system in a satellite body, simulations showed that the satellites were very fragile stationary targets. By using a hull derived from the K-1 DropShuttle, the defensive platform could avoid enemy fire (albeit slowly), mount serious weaponry, and carry enough armor to be a factor in the battle.

The most important piece of equipment on the Cockatrice is not the armor or weaponry, however. It is the Improved Advanced Smart Robotic Control System that ties the Cockatrice into an SDS network. By connecting to a Drake SDS Control Station or other command element, swarms of Cockatrice Monitors could easily destroy attacking forces. In fact the CCS Franco Martell was destroyed by a swarm of Cockatrice platforms over Halloran V.[2]


The Cockatrice exists to bring its Piranha Sub-Capital Missile launcher into play. Though each missile isn't deadly by itself, a WarShip caught in the middle of several Cockatrice platforms will quickly find itself taking serious damage. Even after the Piranha's magazine is empty the platform remains a threat. The Large Pulse Lasers and LRMs provide additional protection against enemy aerospace fighters. Light Gauss Rifles allow the Cockatrice to engage larger targets at a longer range, while simultaneously allowing the craft to shed heat. Finally, the Laser AMS scattered through nearly every arc will destroy incoming missiles while devoting ammunition space to weapons.


No variants of the Cockatrice are known to exist.


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