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Production information
Manufacturer Blankenburg Technologies
Model CRK-5003-1
Class Assault
Technical specifications
Mass 85 tons
Chassis Geometric 530 Hard Core
Armor CarbonStrand 30 Weight AS
Engine Strand 255
Speed 54.0 km/h
Jump Jets Geotec 300
BV (1.0) 1,619


Originally designed and built as a training 'Mech that was combat capable the Crockett went from a mere training 'Mech to a valued front line machine. The thing that caused many commanders to use this 'Mech were also the same reasons it was a training machine. The Crockett was one of the most maneuverable assault 'Mechs from its jump jets. The weapons could handle just about any threat that would be encountered by the 'Mech and the controls were simplified allowing just about anyone to operate the 'Mech with little familiarization.

The Crockett didn’t go without its growing pains though. Once it was pressed into combat there was a flaw found in the life support system that resulted in the death of three Mechwarriors. The flaw was corrected in production and the already issued machines were recalled and the life support systems were upgraded.


Due to the Crocketts origins as a trainer the 'Mech carries a greatly varied weapons mix. The primary weapon is a Blankenburg LB-X Autocannon/10 that can use either standard High Explosive Armor Penetrating (HEAP) ammunition or a shotgun like Cluster round. The Autocannon is backed up by two Blankenburg 25 Extended Range Large Lasers for long range combat and when the Crockett closes with its enemies it can bring its twin Holly-6 SRM-6 launchers and Dodd Small Laser into play. All of the heat from its weapons is offset by the use of fifteen Double Heat Sinks.


  • CRK-5003-0 - The 5003-0 Crockett is a downgraded version of the 'Mech. The 'Mech retains the same overall feel of the 5003-1 but uses only technology available in 3025. The ER Lasers have been replaced with standard models and the Autocannon has been downgraded to a standard version. In addition though the heat sinks which made the 'Mech capable of a very high rate of fire have been downgraded to single versions which can only dissipate half as much heat as those carried by the 5003-1 Crockett. BV (1.0) = 1,325